4 April 2013

International Forum: “Eurasian Culture in the New World”

By Rosa Berdigaliyeva, President, Library Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Head of Information and Library Center of Kazakh National Art University

The capital of Kazakhstan Astana city hosted a forum of librarians on "Commonwealth Libraries: Integration, Innovation and Access for All" from 26 to 28 September 2012. The city which was previously named the cultural capital of the Turkic world, was declared the cultural capital of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) at the international forum "Eurasian culture in the New World" held earlier in the year.

The forum was attended by the CIS Presidents of Library Associations of CIS (Russian Library Association, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Tajikistan, and Russian School Library Association) as well as hundreds of representatives of regional library association of Kazakhstan. It became a new stage in understanding the role of libraries in the global processes of modernity. Held at the Round table for the first time in 20 years, the forum sought to promote the dissemination of the latest achievements of librarianship, to establish cooperation between the library associations of the CIS, as well as between individual professionals in the field of library science in the CIS.

Participants at the forum discussed prospects of cooperation between the library associations of the CIS countries, the role of the association as a partner in the implementation of public library policy and its role in the sustainable development of society, mechanisms of self-regulation in the library environment, new problems of self-organization of professional associations in new conditions, etc.

The moderators of the round table were the President of the Russian Library Association, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Culture, Deputy of the Director General for Science of the Russian National Library, Dr. V.R.Firsov and the President of Library Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a member of the IFLA Standing Committee for Asia and Oceania, the head of Information and Library Center of Kazakh National University of Arts Dr. R.A.Berdigalieva.

The main outcome of the Round Table was the adoption of a Memorandum of Cooperation of Library Associations of CIS countries for intensive development. The memorandum was signed by all the presidents of library associations of the CIS countries.

The Memorandum on Cooperation among the Library Associations of the Countries of the CIS for their Reinforced Development

The Library associations of the countries of the CIS note that the voluntary library associations as a public force possess a sufficient influence for the solution of the problems such as the
free access of the population to the knowledge, information, historical-cultural heritage as well as the social protection of librarians.

At the same time the Library associations of the countries of the CIS acknowledge that:

  • Not all the countries have developed the network of the regional, departmental library public associations and also associations of the workers of the libraries by the professional interests, kinds and types of libraries,
  • The initiative of democratization of public library relations are centrally controlled, that is there are created the library societies and associations are created at the national level
  • There is a necessity for wider involvement of memberships of the library public associations by influential people who possess acknowledgement and authority in society.

General view of the meeting

For the purposes of development of voluntary library associations, the preservation of the high public status of librarians as the conductors of knowledge and safekeepers of the chronicles of the events of time, the heritage of scientists, creators in art and literature, the Library associations adopt as the guide for action the idea contained within the IFLA Programme – ALP BSLA or “Building strong library associations”.

The library associations of the countries of the CIS have agreed to strengthen the voluntary public associations in their countries and also at the international level by:

  • Creating on the public basis, the library associations of their country in the regions and in different directions of professional activity, to surmount the departmental disagreement among the library workers.
  • Developing the social partnership with the organs of power, introducing the status of “the honorable member of association” and attracting as honorable members in the fields of science, culture, literature and art, politicians, both of local as well as from foreign countries.
  • Consolidating the powers for the library legislative activity.
  • Supporting projects in the sphere of scientific researches and upgrading the qualification of specialists.
  • Supporting library education to students on probation and the preparation of linguistic translation of textbooks and manuals.
  • Providing regular exchanges of information on planned activities.
  • Supporting the national associations’ participation in international cooperation activities.
  • Exploring grants for joint projects including those aimed for the publications of reference literature, elaboration of the ALIS programs, study seminars etc.
  • Encouraging public awards (medals, honorary certificates, certificate of gratitude of the national associations) to the members of associations, state figures, and creative workers from other countries who have contributed substantially to solving the problems of high-quality free access of the population to the knowledge, information and historical-cultural heritage.

Moderators who are at the meeting

The Present Memorandum

  • May include amendments and supplements by the universal agreement from all the parties.
  • Is deemed to be effective and continuous from the day of signature provided there are at least two parties who have signed it.
  • Is extended to all library associations of CIS countries that signed the Memorandum. Any party may join in the present Memorandum by notifying in writing.
  • Does not foresee the financing of execution of the projects of cooperation within the framework of the present Memorandum. Record-keeping and business correspondence is to be agreed upon by the parties separately.
  • Is compiled in the Russian and English languages, a copy of which is extended to all parties.
  • Is not an international agreement and it does not create rights and obligations governed by international law.

The date and place of signing of the Memorandum on cooperation among the library associations of the countries of the CIS for their reinforced development is Astana city, Republic of Kazakhstan, the Library association of the Republic of Kazakhstan, http://www.lark.kz ; r.berdigalieva@rambler.ru on September 26, 2012


The Association of Development of Librarianship in Azerbaijan
President Kh.Ismayilov

The Armenian Library Association
Secretary M. Ovsepyan

The Byelorussian Library Association
Acting President E.Dolgopolova

The Library Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan
President R.Berdigaliyeva

The Library Association of the Kyrgyz Republic
President R.Sultangaziyeva

The Library Association of the Republic Moldova
President L.Kostin

The Russian Library Association
President V.Firsov

The Tajik Library Association
President S.Safarov

The Ukrainian Library Association
President I.Shevchenko

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