23 May 2013

IFLA launches cultural heritage resources

IFLA is pleased to launch a new set of resources relating to libraries and cultural heritage.
The new webpages look at the work and support given by libraries to areas experiencing conflict, war, or natural disasters. They highlight the importance of cultural heritage in the continuity of rebuilding and reestablishing a community after disaster strikes.  

Furthermore they share the work of other organisations working in the field, highlight what IFLA is doing to secure cultural heritage whenever possible, and give you a chance to get involved.
You can access the new pages here: www.ifla.org/cultural-heritage
It is our intention to build these resources over time. We would welcome feedback on the pages.
Please feel free to inform your network about our new pages and do not hesitate to contact us (julia.brungs@ifla.org) with questions or suggestions. 

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