21 June 2013

Intervention by IFLA and EIFL at Diplomatic Conference June 17-28, 2013

photo by Jim Fruchterman

photo by Jim Fruchterman

The first week of the WIPO Diplomatic Conference to conclude a Treaty to facilitate access to published works by visually impaired persons and persons with print disabilities is drawing to a close in Marrakesh, Morocco. During this week IFLA, represented by CLM Chair Victoria Owen, made a clear opening statement in support of an effective Treaty for the visually impaired.

Alongside opening statements by Member States and NGOs, the first week of the conference was dominated by small, informal meetings of negotiators working on the finalization of the text for the Treaty. IFLA will be represented at the final week of the Conference as well and will continue to work to ensure that the Treaty will be workable for libraries serving the visually impaired.

You can read the IFLA Statement at the Diplomatic Conference here.

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