17 August 2013


Just Released: IFLA Statement on Libraries and Development

IFLA is pleased to announce the publication of a Statement on Libraries and Development. The IFLA Governing Board approved the Statement on the 16th of August 2013.

The UN is currently reviewing both the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), which includes the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). In the past decade IFLA has engaged with both processes in a variety of ways, from shaping documents and policies to reporting on implementation progress through public workshops and consultations.

Reports on the MDGs and WSIS are due to be delivered to the UN Secretary General in 2015 and will influence the composition of any new UN development framework. IFLA is already joined the discussion about what a framework should look like, and will continue to engage in the process as it matures.  The new statement sets out a clear vision of how libraries contribute to development, and urges policymakers and development practitioners to leverage libraries and ensure that any post 2015 development framework:

  • Recognises the role of access to information as a fundamental element supporting development
  • Acknowledges the role of libraries and librarians as agents for development
  • Encourages UN Member State support of the information frameworks underpinning development – providing networks, information and human resources – such as libraries and other public interest bodies

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