IFLA Key Initiatives

Our aim through these Initiatives—as the trusted global voice of the library and information community—is to use our influence and apply our expertise to create strong libraries as a force for change that will secure ongoing equitable access to knowledge, information, and cultural heritage, in this rapidly changing and competitive environment for information resources; and to build strong informed communities through equitable access for all to inclusive library services.

We will achieve this by:

  • Advocating IFLA’s positions in international forums;
  • Endorsed policies, standards and guidelines which clearly state our advocacy positions and support our actions;
  • Credible research to substantiate our policies and positions;
  • Strategic alliances with other organisations, and open dialogue in areas of divergent views;
  • Capacity building through information exchange, training and advocacy tools and resources;
  • Outreach activities.

IFLA's Key Initiatives for our Strategic Plan 2013 - 2014 are:

  1. Digital Content Programme: Driving access to content, and digital resources, for informed library users and communities
  2. International Librarianship Leadership Development Programme: capacity building to raise the voice of the profession
    nationally, regionally and internationally
  3. Outreach for Advocacy and Advancement of the Library and Information sector: connecting, collaborating, representing strategically
  4. Cultural Heritage Disaster Reconstruction Programme: Culture is a basic need, a community thrives through its cultural heritage,
    it dies without it

Last update: 17 October 2014