Standards driving excellence


This Key Initiative 1 Activity will support programming for IFLA and its members who are working to provide effective, relevant, and timely standards and guidelines, and advocating their use by:

  • Ensuring that procedures and a supporting framework (administrative and financial) are in place for maintaining and reviewing IFLA’s standards and guidelines, and for the production of new standards and guidelines.
  • Developing modes to disseminate standards and guidelines.  
  • Undertaking impact studies of IFLA standards and guidelines and reporting on them through a satellite meeting in 2015.
  • Developing a strategy to promote how standards can be used in advocacy work by IFLA members, and investigating the potential of doing this through the BSLA training packages.

These actions will be carried out chiefly through the Standards Committee, with the guidance of the Professional Committee, through the GB’s liaison representative to the Standards Committee. The Standards Committee will rely on support from across a large number of IFLA Professional Units to carry out the activities. Headquarters Staff will also assist with secretarial support, web page editing, and assistance with IFLA Library.

Last update: 23 December 2015