Memorandum of Understanding Template



1--------- (1st party)


2--------- (2nd party)

Aim / purpose of the agreement


Some guiding terms:

  • Desiring to strengthen profession relations between libraries …..
  • To facilitate their operation in …….
  • Pursuant to the desire to strengthen the existing cordial relations between the parties …
  • To enhance their cooperation in the areas of …….
  • Having agreed to harmonize the interests and targets of the two parties …..
  • Building partnerships is an immense solution to emerge energy and resources to achieve -----
  • For their mutual knowledge of achievements and perspectives of library science development ------

The parties have agreed on the following:


“Legal capability clause”

  • The Parties confirm that the articles they drafted and the legal capacity of both of them are valid.
  • Articles explaining each party’s role in this agreement (technically, financially, etc..)

Article: Duration of the agreement and cancellation terms and conditions

  • Example: This Agreement shall remain in force for ….. years if either Party does not terminate it by a minimum of a six month’s written notification to the other Party.

Article: Number of copies/language of the agreement

  • Example: This agreement is issued and signed in two copies in …. (English, Arabic, etc.), one in each Party’s hand.

Article: Closing and Date

  • Example: This agreement shall enter into force upon signature on...


For ….. (1st party)

---------(Signature of 1st party’s rep.)


For ….. (2nd party)

---------(Signature of 2ndparty’s rep.)


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Last update: 19 June 2014

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