CCAAA policy on sharing of heritage

UNESCO instrument for the safeguarding and preservation of the audiovisual heritage (2005)

CCAAA strategic framework for professional training and development (2006)

CCAAA statements on copyright & neighboring rights (2005)

Statement - Global Cross Sectoral Digitisation Initiatives 2013.pdf

IASA policy on copyright

IASA policy on legal deposit

IASA policy on national discography (ref. UNIMARC specifications from IFLA)

IASA: Ethical principles for sound and audiovisual archives (2011)

AMIA: Code of ethics (2010)

ICA: Principles of access to archives (2013)

ICA: Code of ethics (1996)

ICA: Universal declaration on archives ( 2009)


*BUFVS’s Audiovisual Citation Guidelines (2013)

UNESCO/Ray Edmondson’s “Audiovisual Archiving: Philosophy and Principles” (2004)

SEAPAVAA/Ray Edmondson: Basic manual on setting up an archive (outline 2002)

IASA-TC03: Safeguarding the audio heritage (2005)

IASA-TC04: Guidelines on the production and preservation of digital audio objects (2009)

IASA cataloguing rules (1999)

SEAPAVAA: Film preservation handbook

AMIA: Disaster – First actions for film, tape and discs

Film Forever/AMIA: Film preservation manual for home and independent filmmakers


BIBFRAME AV Modelling Study: Defining a Flexible Model for Description of Audiovisual Ressorces (Study carried out by Audiovisual Preservation Solutions for the Library of Congress concerning an appropriate model for AV material and relating that to the BF model (2014))

Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Plan

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