16 September 2014

Now Online: IFLA Standards website

Over the last fifty years, IFLA has produced a wide range of standards in all fields of library and information services. Standards' activities are now an integral part of IFLA’s Strategic direction and one of IFLA’s current goals is to focus on ‘developing, maintaining and adhering to the highest standards that support high quality practices’.

Launched last month at an IFLA Market Session during IFLA WLIC 2014, the new IFLA Standards website aims to be an essential and continually expanding resource for the global library community.

Besides nearly 50 current standards (subdivided into four groups: Conceptual models, Digital format codes, Rules for resource description, and Guidelines), you'll also find the IFLA Standards Procedures Manual, which provides guidance for the development of standards and guidelines by IFLA professional units. The manual outlines the steps needed to produce an IFLA standard—from building a base of best practice, to writing a document, seeking input on the contents, correctly formatting it and finally seeking IFLA endorsement.

IFLA standards are internationally reviewed, published and regularly updated documents. Each IFLA standard reflects current consensus on rules, principles, guidelines, best practice or models for a particular activity or service. IFLA standards in their diversity of styles and subject matter provide optimum benefit for the international library community. Standards are established by IFLA professional units who work in collaboration and by consensus.

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