IFLA Trend Report, session in Spanish


2014 Webinar Series for Latin America and the Caribbean


17 November 2014




The trends presented by IFLA in the “Trend Report” in 2013 are of such nature that they are constantly changing. Librarians around the world are analyzing these trends and discussing how they impact libraries and services provided. This session will include the latest updates. There will be time to interact with questions and answers.

Session coordinator: Sueli Mara S. P. Ferreira, IFLA LAC; USP
Spanish moderator: Loida Garcia-Febo, IFLA Governing Board, CPDWL, NPSIG
Portuguese moderator: Claudiane Weber, UFSM; USP

Speaker: Jesús Lau

Topic: The future: a road with many paths

Language: Spanish

About the speaker: Awarded a 2014 Medal of IFLA. Outstanding international library leader. Director of libraries. Researcher. Writer. LIS Educator. http://jesuslau.com

Time: 2 PM (Brasilia, UTC/GMT -2)

ACCESS: Everyone can access the webinar online

Duration: 1 hour, we will dedicate 20 minutes, after the presentations, for questions and answers

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