4 December 2014

BSLA project report: Strategic Planning Workshop for the Zimbabwe Library Association

The IFLA Building Strong Library Associations programme is supporting projects in a number of associations following the regional convenings held in 2014. The first project held following the convenings took place in Zimbabwe.

Strategic Planning Workshop for the Zimbabwe Library Association

Zimbabwe Library Association (ZimLA)

Project outcomes:

  1. Formulated the Vision, Mission and Values of ZimLA
  2. Held two workshop sessions focusing on Strategic Planning for ZimLA: First Session – 27-28 June 2014 at A’Zambezi Hotel in Victoria Falls; Second Session - 16 July 2014 in Gweru
  3. Formulated strategic initiatives and action plan with achievable targets
  4. Circulated draft strategic plan to all ZimLA members for inputs and approval
  5. Now at the implementation stage of the strategic plan

Project Summary

The project was a culmination of the Building Strong Library Associations Programme Kumasi Convening which was held from 11 -14 February 2014 attended by the Zimbabwe Library Association President, Mr Lantern R Fusire and Advocacy Officer, Mr Jasper Lee Maenzanise. The project focused on developing a strategic plan which would incorporate activities aligned to participating in national development through the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset).

Members of the Zimbabwe Library Association Executive Council (NEC), Branch chairpersons, and stakeholders represented by the National Library and Documentation Service (NLDS) were invited to attend a two-day workshop at the Victoria Falls from 27 to 28 June 2014. The Association invited Mrs Ujala Satgoor, the then LIASA President to be the facilitator.

Lively debates and participation coupled with Mrs Satgoor’s guidance and experience resulted in the development of a skeleton structure of the strategic plan. This prompted the need to schedule another session on 19 July 2014 to complete the strategic plan. This session resulted in the formulation of a draft Strategic Plan based on the initiatives started at the Victoria Falls session. The Association’s editor then cascaded to all ZimLA members for debate and approval. Committees spearheading activities on the 6 focus areas were selected during the Gweru session. To date the committee on Stakeholder Management and Advocacy are engaging relevant Government officials in a bid to develop a National Information Policy.

It is also envisaged that the ZimLA President working with the committee on Membership recruitment will travel to branches throughout the country to mobilize membership and activate committees at branch level to participate in the implementation of the ZimLA Strategic Plan.

Further activities to take place

  1. Members of the National Executive Council will work with Branch Chairpersons in mobilizing membership to actively participate in the achievement of action plans and develop branch strategic plans which address the national action plans.
  2. Committees will provide quarterly reports on activities they will be engaged in towards the implementation of the Strategic Plan action units.
  3. The ZimLA President will engage in a consultative tour of all branches to ensure that structures are in place towards the implementation of the national Strategic Plan.

Report submitted by: Lantern Fusire, President, ZimLA

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