5 September 2019

IFLA- Regional Standing Committee for Asia and Oceania (RSCAO) SC Meeting 2 held on WLIC 2019 in Athens, Aug 28. 2019

By By Takashi Nagatsuka, Ex-Information Coordinator

IFLA- Regional Standing Committee for Asia and Oceania (RSCAO) SC Meeting 2 held on WLIC 2019 in Athens, Aug 28. 2019

Mr. Sanjay chaired the SC Meeting 2. At first, the chair stated Welcome to attend the SC Meeting 2,and then all atttendees introduced themselves. 

The SC Meeting was proceeded as follows based on the agenda.
Ms Tina(Tao) Yang as the new RSCAO Chair and Ms Nor Edzan Che Nasir as the new Secretary for 2019-2021 leaded the discussions. 

The new Chair proposed to discuss the Action Plan 2019-2021 in details. Ms Lin Li as the Manager IFLA Regional Office explained the Reports from the Regional Office. 

The new Chair reported the results of Division V Survey on "How to Get our Voices Heard at IFLA?" , and also the Division V Satellite Meeting, 20-21 Aug. 2019, Alexandria.

The Asia & Oceania Open Session at WLIC/IFLA 2019 held on August 27, 2019 in Athens, Greece was also reported. There were a total of over 90 attendees in the A&O Open Session.

The Mid-Term meeting in 2020 was fixed on March 16-17, 2020 in Lebanon. Three countries, Australia,  Bangladesh and Taiwan ran for a seat as the host in the Mid-Term meeting in 2021.

The collaborations with IFLA IT Section on a joint 2020 mid-year or satellite on robotics in libraries, and with IFLA National Libraries Section were proposed.



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