8 September 2019

Open Session 154 Libraries: Create Spaces - Inspire Dialogue - Empower Community - Asia and Oceania

By Takashi Nagatsuka, EX-Information Coordinator, IFLA Regional Standing Committee Asia & Oceania (RSCAO)

The Open Session 154 Libraries: Create Spaces - Inspire Dialogue - Empower Community - Asia and Oceania was held at 08:30 – 10:30 on August 27, 2019 in Athens, Greece. The Open Session was chaired by Nor Edzan Che Nasir, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Cendrella Habre, Beirut, Lebanon.

The session included a keynote, 5 full-paper presentations and 3 Lightning Talks.

The Keynote presentation by Allison Dobbie who is a Former General Manager of Auckland Libraries in New Zealand was done in the title of"Library leaders: creating, inspiring, empowering our future leaders" . 
 The 5 full-paper presentations as follows:
・"Serving the Refugees at Kedah Public Library, Malaysia" was presented by Norshahila Hashim, Mohamad Rehan Baharom and Shahizan Affandi Zakaria (Kedah Public Library, Malaysia)
・"B@LSH Project: Creating Ubiquitous Reading Environment for Children in Rural China" was presented by 
Zizhou Wang, Xiaofang Zhang, Ge Zhang (Dept. of Information Management, Peking University, Beijing, China), 
Lu Qiu (Tianxiaxi Advisory Centre for Education, Beijing, China) and 
Jing Dai(National Library of China, Beijing, China)
・"Facing global challenges: libraries as community hubs for the empowerment of the most vulnerable populations" was presented by Jérémy Lachal and Muy Cheng Peich (Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (Libraries Without Borders), Montreuil, France)
・"Qatar National Library as a community engagement hub for young learners: What we have achieved as a new public library so far" was presented by Virgilio Jr Medina and Hind Al-Khulaifi (Children’s and Young Adult’s Department, Qatar National Library, Doha, Qatar)
・"National Library of Iran as a platform for community dialogue: an analysis of an experience" was presented by
Fariborz Khosravi and Saeedeh Akbari-Daryan (National Library and Archives of Iran, Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of)
The 3 Lightning Talks.
・New learning space as a cradle for organizational transformation and community building (Lightning Talk) 
Esther Woo, University of Hong Kong, China, China
・Does Professional Registration Encourage non-Māori Librarians in Aotearoa New Zealand to Engage with Indigenous Knowledge? (Lightning Talk) 
Kathryn Oxborrow, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
・Rendering Change: Design Is for (the Good of) Everyone (Lightning Talk) 
Nicole Yeo, National Library Board of Singapore, Singapore

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