24 October 2019

Ikatan Pustakawan Indonesia (IPI) The Indonesian Library Association (ILA)

By Utami Hariyadi, Indonesian Library Association

Ikatan Pustakawan Indonesia (IPI)  (the Indonesian Library Association - ILA)  is the national professional organization for librarians in Indonesia founded  on July 7, 1973 that merged all elements of Indonesian librarians and libraries into one professional association.  The association actively contributes to the professional development of Indonesian librarians. It has branches in thirty-four provinces in Indonesia.  The Association holds the National Meeting annually and the National Congress every three-years. The National Meetings and National Congresses are combined with National Scientific Seminars. A new ILA President is elected in the National Congress followed by the appointment of new Committee Members, serving for three years.

ILA conducted the 14th National Congress and National Scientific Seminar in Surabaya, East Java province in October  2018. The event was attended by nearly 700 Indonesian librarians. Mr.T. Syamsul Bahri was elected the President of ILA for the period of 2018 to 2021. On that occasion, ILA invited the IFLA President-Elect, Ms Christine Mackenzie who presented a paper titled Transforming the Library, Transforming the Society.

The 2019 ILA National Meeting and National Scientific Seminar.

ILA of 2018 – 2021 organized its first National Meeting combined with National Scientific Seminar in Batam, Riau Islands Province, 7 to 10 July 2019, which also celebrated ILA’s 46th Anniversary. The theme of the meeting, "Pustakawan Berkarya: Berbagi Pengetahuan Untuk Kesejahteraan” (Professionally Working Librarian: Sharing Knowledge for  Community Welfare”).  (Pustakawan Berkarya is a new tagline recently launched by the National Library of Indonesia, which also interpreted as librarians’ efforts to actualize social inclusion-based libraries as part of prospering community).

The objectives of the event are to increase the professionalism and competence of Indonesian librarians to provide “Service Excellence”; and strengthen the collaboration among librarians as well as to share their experiences and knowledge in managing their libraries.The Regional Secretary of the Riau Islands Province opened the 2019 ILA National Meeting and Scientific Seminar.

2019 ILA National Meeting

Mr.T.Syamsulbahri, ILA President, in his opening speech stated that ILA fully supports thenational development priorities programme for the library in 2019 which focused on literacy strengthening activities for all,  through social-inclusion based library services. He urged librarians to provide best library services and offer “service excellence” for all users of different cultural background.

The Director of the National Library of Indonesia (NLI), Mr. Muh. Syarif Bando, emphasized the important roles of libraries in the national development priority activities under human resource development programme, through social inclusion-based service. NLI has implemented three main activities namely national digital library network development; education and training programs for library personnel; and the provision of applied library materials.

 The Work Programme of ILA for-2019 was presented by the President, followed by the reports from ILA Branches of all provinces. The most important outcome of the 2019 ILA National Meeting was the endorsement of the revised Articles of Associations and  the new code of ethics for Indonesian librarians called Asta Etika Pustakawan Indonesia (Eight Ethics for Indonesian Librarians).

2019 ILA National Scientific Seminar


Mr. Emil Elestianto Dardak, Vice Governor of East Java, delivered his keynote speech titled : “The roles of village libraries and Islamic boarding school libraries as the center of literacy based on entrepreneurship” His key message is that in the  industrial revolution 4.0 era, librarians should be more professional, proactive, innovative, and should become the Literacy Officers. In the digital age,libraries are no longer just physical entities, but they have important roles to educate the nation to build literacy culture.

Ms. Tan Huism, the Director of the National Library Board of Singapore presented a paper on Library Services for the Millennial Generation.   She explained that Singapore launches systematic reading literacy programmes for all users of different stages of age to connect libraries with the millennial generation.  The National Library of Singapore introduced S.U.R.E (Source, Understand, Research, Evaluate) as an information literacy campaign for the people of Singapore. Tan Huism also emphasized the important roles of libraries and librarians in promoting and disseminating  library resources through various social media platforms (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp).

Mr. Joko Santoso of the National Library of Indonesia delivered a presentation on The Library Services Transformation  for Social-Inclusion Based Community Welfare.  , He stated that llibraries is one of the priorities of the National Medium-Term Development Plan 2020–2024 under Human Resource Development Program through social inclusion-based service.

The next speaker Mr. Bito Wikantoso from the  Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration, presented a paper on “Empowering the Village Libraries for the Community Welfare.

The Vice President of Frankfurt Book Fair, Ms. Claudia Kaiser gave a presentation on The Future of the Book. The Book Fair which is held in October annually elects one country as the Guest of Honor every year to introduce the wealth of culture and literacies of the country. (Indonesia was the guest of honor in 2015).

The next speaker is Mr. Rifda K. Liamsi, a Malay cultural observer, presented Learning the Past for the Better Future which stressed the important roles of libraries as the source of inspiration to build the future.

Three other papers presented were as follows:

  1. Big Data and knowledge dissemination: UnSyiah Library’s experience by Taufik Abdul Gani.
  2. The roles of leadership in public library transformation by Irkhamyati.
  3. The knowledge level of librarians of Muhammadiyah Universities and Aisyah PTMA on the concept of Library 4.0 by Irsyad Alfatih.

One-day Visit to Singapore

Nearly all participants joined the trip to Singapore to visit the National Library of Singapore on July 9, 2019, to see how libraries in Singapore provide information services to their communities. The visit gave new insights to the participants on how to enhance and improve library services for their users and communities.

One-day visit

The Singapore librarians warmly welcomed the Indonesian librarians and guided them on a tour to explore the National Lbrary of Singapore. Ms. Tan Chui Peng, the President of the Library Association of Singapore (LAS) gave a brief presentation about LAS and its activities. The group returned to Batam after a half-day tour in Singapore.

The 2019 ILA National Meeting and National Scientific Seminar that ended on July 10, 2019 was a resounding success.

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