Preparing WLIC Sessions

Timeline and Deadlines

7 July - Last day to schedule group's session pre-recording date with Delegate Connect.

23 July - End of pre-recordings with Delegate Connect.

23 July - Live session briefing with Delegate Connect.

27 July - Submit all videos to be played during your streamed session to Delegate Connect.

  • For an inserted video: mp4 or mov files, no file size limit
  • For a video that you expect to be hosted on the platform as On-Demand or on your session profile: mp4 or mov, 100MB maximum

2 August - Speaker profile completed.

Terminology used for 2021 WLIC

Stream: WLIC 2021 will host 3 streams where sessions will be aired during the 9 hours of each time zone – these will be either pre-recorded, a mix of pre-recorded and live; or live sessions, some of which are followed by live Q&A.

Zoom Discussion Room: There will be 3 main Discussion Rooms for Q & A, Solutions Room or Open Forum. Discussion Rooms are Zoom Meeting Rooms. You will access your room from the platform through a link available either in the agenda or at the end of a session in the stream.

Pre-recorded session: You requested your session to be pre-recorded. Delegate Connect will assist you with the pre-recording of your session and will edit the video so it looks professional when aired in the stream the day of the conference.

E-Library: The platform will host a variety of resources in the e-library for the Congress. Here you will find talks and content to view on demand. Once a live session has aired, it will be loaded into the e-library and attendees can visit to watch any content they may have missed or re-watch their favourite sessions. 

What will make an interesting session?

No matter what your session format, be sure to structure and pace the delivery of information. This applies to the session overall and to each speaker. Do not read your presentation to the audience.

How do I provide details of my session and speakers?

Session Coordinators have been asked to fill in the WLIC 2021 Session Recording form. IFLA communicates this list to Delegate Connect every two or three days.

When will Delegate Connect contact me about my recording appointment?

As soon as Delegate Connect receives the form you submitted, they will contact all people involved in the session with:

  • a speaker information pack,
  • a link to make an appointment for your session,
  • a brief video and optional slide deck

How will a pre-recorded session work?

The curation committee has approved your session as a pre-recorded session. Your session will be pre-recorded but please keep in mind the day your session is scheduled; it will appear as LIVE to the audience.

What steps should I follow to prepare for the recording session with Delegate Connect?

Step 1:  Fill the WLIC 2021 Session recording form as soon as possible. Thank you to the 42 sections who already submitted the form.

Delegate Connect (DC) will contact you with a speakers' information package including a brief video.

A WLIC-branded slide deck is available should you need it, or you can opt to use your own slide template and design.

Step 2.  Review carefully the information package you will receive from DC. If you have questions, please contact:

Step 3.  Set up a date with DC for the group's session pre-recording. The sooner you set a date, the more options your group will get in terms of date and times available. Deadline: 7 July

Step 4. Prepare and rehearse your session with all your speakers. We encourage you to write a script or outline to follow. We also encourage you to arrange a rehearsal prior to your pre-recording.

Should you want to play a video during your pre-recording, files will need to be ready on the day of recording.  The Delegate Connect operator will manage the video and will embed the video in the pre-recording.

  • Video format: mp4 file
  • File size: embedded in pre-recording – no limit; hosted as a resource, 100MB

Delegate Connect will edit the pre-recorded video to remove any silence or awkward moments.

There is a significant cost associated with each pre-recording, so it is important that you are prepared when you arrive.

Step 5.  At the date and time of your appointment, use the link provided by DC to meet all your speakers in the Delegate Connect virtual room and pre-record your session as instructed.

We are being held to a strict time constraint. All recordings must be made on or before 23 July. Deadline: 23 July

Step 6. Create your speaker profile on WLIC 2021 platform. Provide professional details that can be useful to delegates who would like to catch-up with you and follow your session. Deadline: 2 August

Step 7. Locate your session in the WLIC programme; determine and confirm which of your speakers will be present in the live chat when your session is aired. When speakers are in the chat it encourages conversation and interaction. An additional benefit is the chance to capture some interesting reactions to the session.

Step 8.  Your session will be aired Live on the published date and time in the programme.

Step 9. If you applied to have a live Q&A following your session in a Discussion room, a slide will be placed at the end of your session indicating where and how interested delegates can join you.

Some or all of your speakers should plan to be available in the room to take questions. You will need to identify a moderator and assistant in managing the discussion room. This will involve monitoring the chat and posing questions to your panel.

Please note AI translation will not be available in the discussion's rooms. You are able to practice taking questions from the audience in IFLA's Discussion Rooms prior to the conference.

How do we prepare our content for the recording?

Create a Script

  • In general, it is a good idea to prepare a script or outline for your session as it will help your team of speakers to be well organised and stay to time.
  • Just follow the principle that whatever needs to happen during your session should be noted through bullet points.
  • Ensure that you don’t skip any relevant parts of the presentation by including the information in the script. 
  • The purpose of the script is to decrease the chance of mistakes. You can’t avoid the unexpected but you can try to limit such moments. 
  • Examples of elements that you may include in your script:
  • The name of files (list the media files you will use in the right order – if applicable)
  • Cues for production (changing slides, etc.)
  • Unspoken cues (for example, a moment of silence for building anticipation)

Provide a brief introduction of your session

Prepare the closure of your session

  • Thank people for attending and invite them to follow up with speakers or moderators during the conference.
  • Will you be inviting delegates to join you and the speakers in a Zoom Discussion Room for Q&A? Include this in your closure.


  • In general, it is a good idea to organise one rehearsal prior to your pre-recording.
  • This will enable you to identify any problems and optimize your session.
  • It will also increase your confidence for the day of the pre-recording.

How should speakers prepare for the pre-recording?

The session coordinator should ensure that each speaker is aware of how the session will be organised and how much time they have to present their material. Each speaker should rehearse their presentation and edit where necessary to fit to the time available e.g. 5 mins, 12 mins, etc.

What if our session is partly pre-recorded and followed by live discussion in the stream?

You should follow all the steps of the pre-recorded sessions and then you should dial in for the information briefing for LIVE Presenters organised by Delegate Connect on 23 July.

The Live element can be a presentation, or an interview or speakers can take questions from the audience through the live chat.

Questions will be submitted by attendees in the live chat to the panellists. If you will take questions, you need to have a moderator who can bring questions from the chat to the panel.

How do we prepare for live sessions in a stream?

You will have been notified if the curation committee has approved your session as a live session. Delegate connect will contact you to schedule an information briefing for Live session presenters, speakers, panellists, and facilitators.

  • On 23 July, Delegate Connect will provide a Live Session briefing to introduce your Session speakers to the portal and explain the process for the Session.
  • Delegate Connect personnel will operate the video within your session
  • Videos played during Sessions need to be submitted to Delegate Connect by 27 July.
  • This will allow Delegate Connect to cross check all content is available and they can chase missing information.
  • You can upload resources to your session profile (for delegates to browse through before or after your session), these need to be submitted to Delegate Connect by 27 July.
  • You can upload resources to your individual speaker profile (for delegates to browse through before or after your session). You can upload these at any time through your platform profile. Each resource must be under 100mb.

How do we prepare for live Sessions and Q&A in Zoom Discussion Rooms:

There are two types of activities taking place in the Zoom Discussion Rooms:

Your session is scheduled in a discussion room - Solutions Room or Open Forum

Prepare for your session on the day of the conference as you would for any virtual event.

You will access the Discussion Room through a link in the conference programme the day of the conference. IFLA's Zoom Meeting rooms are available as practice spaces and will have the same set-up.

Delegate Connect recommends not sharing videos in the Discussions Rooms, however this is up to you.

Your session is scheduled in the stream, and you asked for a Zoom Discussion Room following your session for a Live Q&A

You will access the discussion room through a link located on a slide at the end of your session in the stream. The link will also be listed and available in the programme of the conference.

Sessions taking place in the Zoom Discussion Rooms will not be recorded. AI captioning will not be available. 

How do we set up our speaker profiles?

  • Deadline: 2 August Create the speakers, panellists and facilitators profile on the platform.
  • Speakers' bios: Capped at 150 words.
  • Presenters’ pictures: can be the same picture as your registered attendee profile.
  • Deadline to provide Delegate Connect with any video to be played in your session on the day.
  • Video format: mp4 or MOV file - YouTube or Vimeo links are not accepted
  • File size: embedded in session – no limit; hosted as a resource, 100MB

Last update: 1 July 2021