Reviewing Process

One of the major purposes of the FRBR Review Group is to maintain the FRBR conceptual reference model. To this end the Review Group solicits and evaluates suggestions for changes to the FRBR Final Report published in 1998. Suggestions can result in a number of outcomes; of particular interest are proposals for amendments to FRBR and topics to be addressed as FAQs.

A number of suggestions for changes in the FRBR model have been reported in the professional literature. Other suggestions emanate from various working groups, including, of course, the FRBR Review Group and its working groups.

You can transmit your own suggestions to Chris Oliver, the chair of the FRBR Review Group.

At its 2006 meeting, the FRBR Review Group adopted a formal Process for the approval and publication of amendments to FRBR.

Current invitations to review:

FRBRoo version 2.2 -- until April 20th, 2015

PRESSoo -- until April 20th, 2015

Former invitations to review:

See the Cataloguing Section archive.

FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records)

Last update: 8 March 2015