Reviewing Process

One of the major purposes of the FRBR Review Group is to provide ongoing support and development for the original FRBR conceptual model and the models subsequently developed on the basis of FRBR.

There are three types of changes:

  • Amendments
  • New versions
  • New models


Suggestions for changes or amendments are reviewed by the FRBR Review Group. Some suggestions result in changes, other may result in explanations for frequently asked questions. Some suggestions originate from issues reported in the professional literature. Other suggestions emanate from various working groups, including, of course, the FRBR Review Group and its own working groups. You can transmit your own suggestions to chair of the FRBR Review Group.

New Versions

When a series of significant related changes are made to a model, a new version is created. For example, FRBROO 2.4: the original FRBROO version 1 was published in 2009 and was based on FRBR alone. The updated version of FRBROO, version 2.4, is based on all FRBR, FRAD and FRSAD. Thus, there were a significant number of related additions and changes that went beyond the scope of amendments.

A new version of an existing conceptual model goes through the IFLA standards approval process administered by the IFLA Committee on Standards.

New models

Some types of changes transform the modelling structure, while remaining in alignment with the fundamental aspects of the original model or models. In such cases, a new model is declared. For example, FRBROO: this model is based on FRBR, FRAD, and FRSAD, but its structure is different because it uses an object-oriented formalism instead of entity-relationship modelling. Another example is IFLA LRM: it is the consolidation of FRBR, FRAD, and FRSAD, it continues to use entity-relationship modelling, but the underlying structure has been streamlined and there have been some important changes relative to the original entities, attributes and relationships.  

A new conceptual model goes through the IFLA standards approval process administered by the IFLA Committee on Standards.

Recent invitations to review:

IFLA LRM – 2016 (in 2016, known as FRBR-LRM) 

FRBRoo version 2.2 -- until April 20th, 2015

PRESSoo -- until April 20th, 2015

Former invitations to review:

See the Cataloguing Section archive.

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