28 April 2015

Call for nominations: IFLA Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters (CLM)

Following a review of both the FAIFE and CLM strategic programmes in 2014/2015, the IFLA Governing Board endorsed a switch to an Advisory Committee structure at its meeting in April 2015. The rules of procedure for both the FAIFE and CLM Committees have been amended accordingly.

Term of office: August 2015 – August 2017

Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the Governing Board of IFLA, I am writing to invite you to nominate an individual to a place on the IFLA/CLM Advisory Committee.

The deadline for the receipt of nominations at IFLA Headquarters is Monday, 01 June, 2015. No late submissions will be accepted.

Copyright and other Legal Matters (CLM) is an initiative within IFLA to represent the voice of the international library community in copyright, intellectual property and other legal concerns. CLM provides advice to the Governing Board and Secretary General on these issues in relation to IFLA’s strategic direction, and works in consultation with other relevant IFLA professional programmes and sections.

The responsibilities of the CLM Advisory Committee are to:

  • advise the IFLA Governing Board on:
    • Copyright and intellectual property
    • Economic and trade barriers to the acquisition of library and information materials
    • Internet Governance
    • Data protection, privacy and surveillance
    • Subscription and license agreements
    • Other legal matters of international significance to library and information services
  • monitor the state of CLM matters affecting the library and information community worldwide;
  • promote awareness of and activities related to copyright and other legal matters affecting the library and information community worldwide;
  • support IFLA policy development on matters within the Advisory Committee’s areas of expertise, directly or indirectly related to library and information services,
  • collaborate with IFLA’s advisory committees and professional units where specific expertise may be provided by CLM or drawn from IFLA’s committees and their networks;
  • cooperate with other international and regional organisations to advance IFLA’s positions and policies relating to CLM.

Nominations will be considered for the term of office 2015-2017.

I enclose a list of the current members of the CLM Committee. Only one nomination will be accepted from each Association and Institutional Member. The Board takes into account the need to ensure wide geographical representation on the Advisory Committee.

Nominees should have:

  • significant interest and expertise in the issues within the Advisory Committee’s terms of reference;
  • demonstrated knowledge about and activity focused on copyright and libraries within their country;
  • the ability to report authoritatively on the state of affairs in their own countries and regions in respect of copyright and other legal matters listed above;
  • a reasonable expectation of being able to attend (without cost to IFLA) the business and professional meetings of the Advisory Committee. The business meetings are usually held before and during the IFLA World Library and Information Congress beginning in Cape Town in August 2015 and up to and including 2017;
  • a working knowledge of at least one of the working languages of IFLA (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish). Since the business meetings of IFLA are generally conducted in English, reasonable fluency in this language is necessary to be able to fully participate as a member of the IFLA/CLM Advisory Committee; and
  • the ability and willingness to contribute regularly to the work of the Advisory Committee in between congresses.

The Chair of the CLM Committee, Victoria Owen, will advise the Governing Board on the selection of names from amongst those nominated.

The maximum size of the IFLA/CLM Advisory Committee is 13 members.

The Governing Board will appoint the members of the Advisory Committee and successful nominees will be informed by 12 June 2015 so that they can make arrangements to attend the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, 15-21 August 2015.

Please use only the enclosed nomination form.* It must be signed by the authorised signatory, that is the individual who is listed in IFLA’s records as the organization’s highest official and whose name appears on the attached nomination form.

I am looking forward to receiving your response.

Yours sincerely,

Jennefer Nicholson
Secretary General

*Nomination forms, including supporting information, have been dispatched to all voting Members of IFLA on 24 April 2015.

CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters)

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