Clarification of rules

During 2014 - 2015, the PC reviewed certain difficulties that Officers had identified when using the Rules of Procedure and, following verification by the Governing Board, offers this advice in order to clarify unclear rules:

Casual vacancies.

If a person fills a casual vacancy (either for SC member or Officer), this will count as their first term in that position irrespective of the length of time that is actually served on the committee whilst filling this vacancy.

Advice note: If a person is willing to fill a vacancy but does not wish to use a term up with only a few months of service, then it is still possible for that person to attend meetings and contribute to the work, then stand for election at the next nomination round. In this case the person will not have voting rights, nor will contribute to the quorum of the meeting. A casual vacancy can be left empty until the end of the term associated with the position, at which time a new position will become free.

Corresponding Member vacancies should be filled in the same way as vacancies on the standing committees (that is, a person can fill the remaining term but it will count as their first term as Corresponding Member).

Terms for Officers

A person can be an Officer for a total of 8 years whilst on the SC: for example, four years as Chair and four years as Secretary.

Finance handling

Officers have overall responsibility for the accounts of the Section, though the day-to-day responsibility for handling reimbursements and keeping track of the accounts may be designated to another SC member.

Any profits from Satellite Meetings are usually returned to the hosting organization, rather than to IFLA’s central account as described in the Satellite Meeting guidelines [PDF]. However, this is dependent on the formal agreement signed. Any funds that are returned to IFLA, are submitted to the central accounts. Sections may propose to the GB a use for the funds in future. If this use is agreed, the funds will be set aside.

Rule R18.38: to clarify that this refers to the IFLA Treasurer, not someone in the unit designated with a treasurer’s duty.

Reporting and activity

Information and annual reports should also be sent to the Section’s members, not just the Division Chair.

Each Section may appoint SC members to serve in roles to perform the work of the Section as needed, which may include Newsletter Editor, Communications Coordinator, etc. There is no limit on what roles can be identified.

Last update: 4 August 2015