Professional Unit Annual Reports

Guidance for Officers and SIG Conveners

Professional Units must prepare an Annual Report each year using the Annual Report form [DOC].

The purpose is to inform the Professional Committee, the Unit’s Standing Committee or organizing committee, members of the Unit, and the profession around the world, about achievements over the year.

The Annual Report refers to the activities identified in the Unit’s Action Plan and reports on the progress of these activities, the activities that have been completed and their impact.

The Annual Reports of all IFLA Units provide important input to the fulfilment of IFLA’s Professional Programme, Strategic Plan and Key Initiatives, and also contribute to IFLA’s Annual Report.


Following feedback received from Officers in April 2016, the Governing Board has agreed that the Officers of the Section and SIG Conveners should report on the period September to August, therefore you should complete and return a 2016 - 2017 Annual Report form [DOC] to the Division Chair no later than 31 October 2017.

Putting your Annual Report online

A template for producing an Annual Report web page has been shared with Information Coordinators and consists of elements of the Annual Report form in a condensed form and suitable for making public. Do not put the full Annual Report form online in Word version.

See the Information Coordinators instructions [restricted].

The Unit’s web pages should be continuosly updated during the year with announcements of activities, news and reports of progress on activities, and results of completed activities, and the Annual Report might link to, or re-use content from these pages.

Contents of the Annual Report

All activities planned by the Unit should be included in the Action Plan so the Annual Report should refer to these to report progress and results.

The Annual Report might link to, or re-use content from the Section's web pages or social media.

Any projects funded by the Professional Committee will be asked to report at the end of the year and details from these reports should also be used.

As with the Action Plan, care should be taken that it is easily understood by people who are unfamiliar with the activities of the Unit in question. To achieve this:

  • Avoid the use of initials and acronyms, unless they are also spelt out;
  • Give a clear explanation of the status of ongoing activities, report clearly the result of completed activities, and refer to the Action Plan for future plans;
  • Link to reports or papers from events, and create separate web pages giving full details of ongoing projects.

Indicate in the Annual Report any resignations or new appointments to the Standing Committee or Corresponding Members, and any change of SIG convener, Information Coordinator or Officer, that have occurred during the year. Also record the name of any persons that report to the Unit from external bodies.

The Annual Report should not include details of attendance of Standing Committee members at meetings. However, the Chair of the Section should keep track of this and ensure that Standing Committee members contribute actively to the work of the Section.

Procedure for producing and submitting the Annual Report

The Officers or SIG Convener as relevant should seek input for the Annual Report from the members of the Standing Committee or working group responsible for the actions identified in the Action Plan. This might include the Information Coordinator, project coordinators, congress session or Satellite Meeting organizers, SIG conveners, etc.

All Special Interest Groups should also submit their Annual Report to their Sponsoring Section Standing Commmittee who will promote the SIG's activities and report to Members.

The Annual Report should be discussed and then approved by the Standing Committee before it is submitted to the Division Chair.

The Division Chair will compile a Division-level annual report for the December meeting of the Professional Committee.

Procedure for handing over in an election year

In an election year, the outgoing Chair or Convener should write the final report of the activities up to August, make any final changes following the August committee meetings, gain Standing Committee/organizing committee approval and hand over a completed and approved report to the new Chair or Convener.

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Last update: 10 July 2017