Role and responsibilities of the Professional Committee

IFLA's Professional Committee (PC):

  • ensures coordination of the work of all the professional units within the Federation responsible for professional activities, policies and programmes (Sections, Strategic Programmes, and Special Interest Groups SIGs),
  • establishes procedures for organizing the professional content of the IFLA World LIbrary and Information Congress (WLIC),
  • oversees the publications programme,
  • ensures that the Units continue to support the mission and goals of IFLA.

The Committee consists of the PC Chair, the Chairs of the five IFLA Divisions, two members elected from the Governing Board, the Chairs of the CLM and FAIFE Committees and others as determined in the Rules of Procedure, one additional co-opted member, if appropriate, for specified purposes and limited times, IFLA's President-elect ex officio, and IFLA's Professional Support Officer who serves as its Secretary, ex officio.

Members of the Professional Committee are also members of the IFLA Governing Board.

Chair of the Professional Committee

The PC Chair is elected by the Section Officers from among the outgoing Division Chairs. See the Rules of Procedure R15.3 - R15.10.

Role and responsibilities:

  • Establish the PC meeting agenda in collaboration with IFLA Headquarters.
  • Chair the PC meetings.
  • Represent IFLA in meetings and events.
  • Monitor activities and issues in IFLA’s 5 Divisions.
  • Monitor professional communication within the Divisions.
  • Prepare and Chair the Leadership Brief.
  • Chair the Governing Board's Conference Advisory Committee.

GB representatives on the PC

The Governing Board representatives on the PC are elected by the GB. See the Rules of Procedure R15.11 - R15.15.

Role and responsibilities at the Professional Committee meetings:

  • Discuss issues of the Professional Committee (Congress professional programmes, finances and projects, IFLA professional programme and professional structure, IFLA publications).
  • Vote on resolutions concerning Professional Committee matters.
  • Chair and/or participate in working groups established by the PC.
  • Represent IFLA in meetings and conferences.

Chairs of five IFLA Divisions

See the separate page for the role and responsibilities of the five Division Chairs.

Last update: 1 October 2018