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Digital Humanities – Digital Scholarship Special Interest Group

The Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship SIG was formally created in 2017, with the following goals, exploring the scope of Digital Humanities (DH) and Digital Scholarship (DS) related theories, practices, case studies in a global library and information services communities: DH/DS scope, context and relevance in multi-sector library and information services organization… Read More

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  • 07 March 2017

International Conference on Digital Libraries (ICDL) 2016

Smart Future: Knowledge Trends that will Change the World is the theme at the 2016 International Conference on Digital Libraries (ICDL). Smart Future is about understanding, visualizing, and exploring the possible scenarios of the future today, to be able to better… Read More

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  • 27 July 2016

Satellite meeting – Lyon, France 15 August 2014

Knowledge Management as a Vital Tool for Change Management The IFLA Knowledge Management Standing Committee is pleased to announce a pre-conference Satellite Meeting in Lyon, France, 15 August 2014 This one day satellite meeting will focus on the processes which promote change management in the changing environment faced by… Read More

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  • 22 December 2013
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KM 2009

The Knowledge Management, Parliamentary Libraries and Information Technology sections combined to present an interesting cross-disciplinary session at the IFLA congress in Milan in August 2009.  The following are the power point presentations from those sessions. Community Tools FRANK CERVONE (Vice Chancellor, Information Services, Purdue University)… Read More

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  • 06 October 2009