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Turkish Bibliography

Title Turkish Bibliography Web site address Turkey Article Bibliography and Subject and/or People Bibliography: Start date 1934; 1952 (Turkey Article Bibliography); 1962 (Subject and/or People Bibliography) Period covered 1934 to date Current size — Media covered Printed materials, thesis, audio-visual materials, first issues… Read More

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  • 05 August 2019

Greek National Bibliography

Title Greek National Bibliography Web site address English: & Greek: Start date Began 1989 (publication date of printed catalogue 1990) Period covered 1987 to 2008 (bibliographic records of post 2008 items are included in OPAC) Current size 121.602 records Media covered Digital, printed books, maps, printed… Read More

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  • 05 August 2019

Canadiana : the National Bibliography of Canada

Title Canadiana : the National Bibliography of Canada Web site address  Start date Began 1950 Period covered 1756 to date Current size 31,799,406 records (2017) Media covered Books, periodicals, newspapers, sound recordings, microforms, notated music, pamphlets, government documents, theses, educational kits, video recordings, maps, and electronic documents. General… Read More

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  • 05 August 2019

Satellite Meeting 2019: Metadata Specialists in the Machine Age

A joint satellite meeting organised by the Cataloguing Section joint with the Information Technology, Subject Analysis and Access and Bibliography Sections. IFLA’s Cataloguing Section, IFLA's Information Technology Section, IFLA’s Subject Analysis and Access Section, and IFLA’s Bibliography Section are pleased to invite you to: Metadata specialists… Read More

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  • 28 June 2019

International Solutions for Safeguarding Documentary Heritage in Latin America

The importance of preserving cultural heritage is global. All cultures and groups create works that tell the story of their past and present in ways which can both inspire and inform future generations. By acting globally – bringing together experts from different countries and with different specialisations – IFLA can help national actors achieve their goals more effectively. A conference co-organised by IFLA's Rare Books and Special Collections Section contributed to make this happen. Read More

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  • 10 October 2017
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