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Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Centre at Biblioteca nacional de Chile

IFLA’s PAC Centre at the National Library of Chile (Biblioteca nacional de Chile) has created the following short films on photographic and audio-visual materials. Explore the history of these common materials and learn more about how they can be preserved by clicking the links below. Preserving Family History at… Read More

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  • 04 January 2021

Scientific Applications in Cultural Heritage Forum: Doha 2021

Qatar National Library and the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Regional Center hosted at QNL present the first Scientific Applications in Cultural Heritage Forum: Doha 2021.  The first edition of this forum will focus on pigments and dyes in manuscripts and heritage objects, and will include lectures and practical sessions on… Read More

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  • 04 January 2021

Combating Art Trafficking Part 2: Cultural Heritage Restitution

Qatar National Library, as the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Regional Center and in the framework of the Himaya project, is organizing the second part of the training course in combating art trafficking. This session will focus on the restitution of art and cultural goods, with a special focus on… Read More

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  • 17 December 2020

Professional Unit Virtual Event – Preservation of Digital Complex Objects

Since the beginning of 21st century IT development have brought new forms of eBooks and complex objects for renewed and enhanced user / reader experience. These innovative cultural objects imply new challenges for preservation and conservation: how can we archive device dependent multimedia, interactive systems, or information flows? Does new data technologies open new possibilities for long-term conservation? Read More

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  • 17 November 2020
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Training Course in Combating Art Trafficking

The Library, as the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Regional Center for Arab Countries and the Middle East, is offering a training course to help fight art trafficking. This event is part of the Himaya project; for more information on Himaya, click here. This training session… Read More

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  • 27 October 2020