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Report IFLA-IPU Conference

Parliamentary library & research services: towards an agenda for the next decade By Iain Watt conference-report-final-1Download… Read More

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  • 22 November 2021

The Carpentries & Author Carpentry

This webinar will provide a brief introduction to The Carpentries instructional philosophy of researcher-to-researcher computational training. We’ll then discuss Author Carpentry, an independent set of modules that can be integrated into a Carpentries Workshops or taught as an independent curriculum. They cover topics not traditionally included in a Carpentry Workshop,… Read More

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  • 19 November 2021

Webinar: “Una tarde con las estrellas”

    Está ampliamente aceptado que el edificio de la biblioteca es un elemento de crucial importancia para el éxito del funcionamiento de una biblioteca pública. El Premio IFLA / Systematic a la Biblioteca Pública del Año pretende rendir homenaje a los edificios bellos y singulares de las bibliotecas… Read More

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  • 18 November 2021

What is the future of archives and libraries? Part II, Archives

The Leaders’ Conversations series is a global digital platform for library and archives leaders to share insights and developments of the field. We are back this year with the theme Visualising Our Future: Masterplans of Libraries and Archives, which is particularly poignant to the library and archives world as we face multiple challenges these two years. This webinar focuses on archives. Read More

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  • 17 November 2021

Highlights and Minutes of Meetings

2021 77th GB Meeting: 29 AprilTeleconferenceHighlights January – April 2021Minutes76th GB Meeting: 16 MarchTeleconference75th GB Meeting: 16 FebruaryTeleconference74th GB Meeting: 29 JanuaryTeleconference 2020 73rd GB Meeting: 7-11 DecemberTeleconferenceHighlightsMinutes72nd GB Meeting: 6 NovemberTeleconference… Read More

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  • 17 November 2021

ARL Webinar on Disaster in Libraries: Speakers’ Bio (October 2021)

The Speakers at the Webinar held in October presented in this sequence: Fire: Ujala Satgoor (Executive Director, Libraries at University of Cape Town) 2. Fire: Marília Bonas, Technical Director of the Museum of the Portuguese Language, IDBR Brazil. 3. Rainstorm: Dr Okanlawon Adediji, Former University Librarian, Alex Ekwueme… Read More

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  • 12 November 2021