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Intergenerational solidarity in libraries / La solidarité intergénérationnelle dans les bibliothèques

Rapid and intensive changes in the information landscape cause changes in social relationships and, consequently, in relations between generations. Within their social role libraries should work actively to reduce age segregation and isolation, and build cohesive society through intergenerational services and programmes. The authors speak about the intergenerational dialogue… Read More

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  • 07 September 2012
  • By: Ivanka Stričević

Guidelines on Information Literacy for Lifelong Learning

Final Draft These guidelines have been compiled by the Information Literacy Section (InfoLit) of IFLA with the aim of providing a pragmatic framework for those professionals who need or are interested in starting an information literacy program. The guidelines will aid information professionals engaged in educational… Read More

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  • 06 July 2009
  • By: Jesús Lau