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Learning by playing in Parkes, NSW, Australia

We're a small rural library system that serves a community of 15000 people in New South Wales, Australia. At library conferences, we hear a lot of buzzwords like ‘gamification’ or ‘makerspaces’. For a little country service it can seem intimidating – like you MUST have a 3D printer or… Read More

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  • 29 October 2015

Libraries, Archives, Museums, Monuments and Sites

Libraries, Archives, Museums, Monuments & Sites (LAMMS) The five international organisations for cultural heritage, IFLA (libraries), ICA (archives), ICOM (museums), ICOMOS (monuments & sites) and CCAAA (audiovisual archives), have a longstanding relation of cooperation and now agreed to intensify cooperation between their organisations in those areas where libraries, archives, museums,… Read More

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  • 27 November 2009

Audiovisual & Multimedia Section Members

Alicia Garcia Medina Standing Committee Member of IFLA AVMEDIA Section Chief Librarian Audiovisual Section Department of Music and Audiovisual National Library of Spain Paseo de Recoletos, 20 28071 MADRID Spain Tel. +(34)(91)5807859 Fax +(34)(91)5168050 Email:… Read More

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  • 02 November 2009