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The Relindial Cartonera project

This “Relindial Cartonera” project is one easy way to highlight the input of libraries in the diversity dialogue. It is supposed to be driven by a librarian or a group of librarians linked to the IFLA SIG Relindial. Its main aim is to bring together individuals (ladies, men or… Read More

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  • 15 June 2017

How Libraries Help Build a Safer Internet

Libraries have always been about giving people access to the knowledge they need to take on the world. The Internet can boost this, but only if people have the skills and confidence to be, and feel, safe online. To mark Safer Internet Day 2017, here are some examples of how libraries are helping. Read More

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  • 07 February 2017
  • By: anonymous

Libraries, Copyright and Communities

Public libraries are at the heart of many communities. They welcome people from all backgrounds, providing a safe space, and often a source of pride. Throughout history, they have been centres of learning, sharing, and personal and social development.  … Read More

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  • 18 January 2017

Library Design Squad: Encouraging Creativity, Community, and Communication

At the Medford Public Library in Medford, Oregon, Children’s Librarian Ellie Hilton and Library Associate Marne Kapule created a targeted program for 7 to 12-year-olds to meet the needs of the elementary-age child. Modeled around the three guiding principles of the Jackson County Library Service District’s Strategic Plan, this… Read More

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  • 07 December 2016

How? Art. Toowoomba Region Libraries, Queensland Australia

A safe and inspiring library space requires the freedom to explore with no fear of wrong answers. Such a place should allow you to be yourself while welcoming others' ways too. What does that mean for children and young people in a regional Australian library service?  … Read More

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  • 07 December 2016