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Sophia Lashley - Grantee in the Spotlight

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Sophia LashleySophia Lashley is a New Professional working at the Caribbean Tourism Organization Library in Barbados.

When she is asked about her job, she says that she finds it challenging to keep ahead of the technology. ”Interaction with users is what I like most because of my passion and my attitude. I feel happy when I am able to help them to find what they want and when they do return to the library. Now we are also going online with an integrated computer catalogue in order to better serve our clients.”

She is confident that the use of the traditional methods to retrieve and disseminate information has to be assisted by new technology in order to reach members not physically present. Her goal is to bring home all the valuable insights gained during the sessions she is choosing to attend.

“It is fantastic for me to be part of what is happening here. Meeting all of the librarians that gather here to address issues and collectively find a solution is priceless.”

It is great to meet new professionals of the world



I am a new professional also, a grantee of the year. I am from Haiti and I am a responsible of a young people library.

Your message is my thought. I am really really happy to be a part of this congress this year. It will help me to  work in a new way in my country. I know that I have a lot of thing to do: Help the children to read to learn after the earthquake.

Lets enjoy the congress!!!!!