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“Strong women are everywhere”

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In commemoration of the women that gathered 20 years ago during the IFLA Conference in Stockholm to start the Women Issues round table, the Women, Information and Libraries Special Interest Group (WILSIG) arranged an offsite meeting on Friday. In the premises of the National resource library for gender studies, Kvinnsam, at Gothenburg University Library, representatives from all over the world came together to discuss Global Women's Fair and to carry on the issues their foremothers argued in 1990.

Workshops were arranged, noticing networking and opportunities to personal branding through Web 2.0 tools. One of the participants was Karin Ohrt from Region Skåne, Sweden, who appreciated the opportunity to get inspiration on how to work with Twitter both professional and in her private life.

An open business meeting, lead by Maria Cotera, convener at WILSIG, focussed on possible themes for coming IFLA Conferences. A popular suggestion was to make migration a topic issue, and how libraries can work to provide information for women users in this subject.

Agneta Olsson, Chair of the National Committee and IFLA President Ellen Tise were honoured to receive invitations to be the first international members in the Strong Women Team, a project set up in the Netherlands. All present agreed on the importance of continuing to increase knowledge of the work for and by women in our profession. It was claimed that “Strong women are everywhere” and Ellen Tise found herself wondering why not all women in IFLA belong to the WILSIG group.