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Mobile Libraries at IFLA Gothenburg

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From Wednesday through Friday (11-13 August) there will be a display of modern Swedish Mobile Libraries at the main entrance of the Conference and Exhibition Centre.

These represent the latest technical and professional library development. Using the needs and resources of each local community as a starting point each municipality chose ways to develop mobile libraries for use in the next fifteen years, whilst bearing in mind the major assets and principles of a mobile library, its flexibility, accessibility and cost efficiency.

You will find a mobile children’s library, fully equipped branch libraries, and one vehicle developed to promote the library to new users.

The following municipalities have made it possible for us to display their libraries for the IFLA visitors:

  • Wednesday 11 August: buses from Mölndal, Kungsbacka (until lunch*)
  • Thursday 12 August: buses from Ljungby, Stenungsund, Säffle
  • Friday 13 August: buses from Falkenberg (2 vehicles), Höganäs, Värnamo

Furthermore, the "Mobile International Library" in Gothenburg (operated by the city) are inviting visitors to see them "in action" on their regular stops around the city.

*unless otherwise stated, the vehicles will be present for the whole day