Congress theme: “Open access to knowledge - promoting sustainable progress”

President-Elect Brainstorming Session with Ingrid Parent: Libraries Shape Our Future

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Ingrid Parent, IFLA President-Elect

Friday 13 August - 9:30 – 12:45 | Room H2

Libraries of all kinds engage, equip and inspire individuals to achieve their goals and enhance their knowledge. In doing so, libraries strengthen our communities, large and small, around the world.

The roles and activities of libraries are diverse and multi-faceted.  They range from developing a love of story and reading in children to supporting student excellence at all levels to providing the researcher with the knowledge which leads to innovation.

Libraries are indispensable to societies that value knowledge and information. They allow many different types of users to discover more about themselves and their worlds. As a result, libraries inspire ideas and innovations that can be hugely beneficial to communities and countries around the world.

Libraries are many things, but most importantly they are inclusive, transformative, innovative, and convergent.

On behalf of Ingrid Parent, IFLA’s President-elect, you are all very welcome to join the brainstorming session to think along with her and join in shaping the theme for her IFLA Presidency for 2011-2013.

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