Congress theme: “Open access to knowledge - promoting sustainable progress”

Videos from the Conference

Sunday, 15 August

  1. Last thoughts on Gothenburg and IFLA 2010

Saturday, 14 August

  1. Sture Allén, Plenary speaker session
  2. Ellen Tise, IFLA President
  3. Haitian Librarians describe destruction
  4. Professional librarians meet at IFLA (in Finnish)
  5. Networking with Finnish exhibitors at the IFLA Conference (in Finnish)
  6. Maija Saraste's thoughts on IFLA's Public Library Section satellite meeting in Malmö, Sweden  (in Finnish)

Friday, 13 August

  1. Hans Rosling, Plenary speaker session
  2. Alli A. S. Mcharazo talks about Tanzanian libraries
  3. Dance night! at the Brew House

Thursday, 12 August

  1. Henning Mankell, Plenary speaker session
  2. Henning Mankell speaks about libraries
  3. Henning Mankell's thoughts on illiteracy
  4. Ioannis Trohopoulos, director of the Veria Central Public Library (Greece) and winner of the 2010 Access to Learning Award
  5. Update session on Haiti: security camera footage during the earthquake
  6. Kista Idea Lab at IFLA 2010
  7. Unlibrarians journey from unrestrained envisioning to concrete action (in Finnish)
  8. Swedish Library Avenue (in Swedish)

Opening Session (Wednesday, 11 August)

  1. Agneta Olsson, Chair of the National Committee
  2. Ellen Tise, IFLA President
  3. Jan Eliasson, Keynote speaker

Wednesday (11 August)

  1. Jesús Lau on the value of international activity
  2. Poster Sessions at IFLA 2010 (in Finnish)

Tuesday, 10 August

  1. IFLA President Ellen Tise talks about about her passion for libraries and the role IFLA plays with international communities on This Week in Libraries (TWIL) [pt.1] | [pt.2]
  2. Kai Ekholm, National Librarian of Finland and Chair of FAIFE talks about censorship on This Week in Libraries (TWIL)
  3. Finnish newcomers expectations of IFLA


Pre-conference interviews

  1. Olivier Charbonneau from CLM talks about Copyright with This Week in Libraries (TWIL)
  2. Scott Nicholson talks about gaming in libraries with This Week in Libraries (TWIL)
  3. Stuart Hamilton, IFLA Senior Policy Advisor on This Week in Libraries (TWIL)
  4. Jennefer Nicholson, IFLA Secretary General