Congress theme: “Open access to knowledge - promoting sustainable progress”

President-elect Planning Session

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President-elect brainstorming sessionIn a morning brainstorming session, IFLA president-elect Ingrid Parent asked for the gathered delegate’s comments and input on her presidential theme “Libraries Shape Our Future”, with the sub-themes Inclusive, Transformative, Innovative and Convergence. This theme was, Parent said, thought up by her and her board members after they decided they wanted their theme to be about the people and the community.

Following the introduction of the theme, the four sub-themes were presented and explained.  Inclusive as to serve all without judgement, prejudice and bias is a supporting pillar amongst libraries and one of the most important tasks. The Transformative sub-theme was about changes to better meet the needs of the users. Innovation in all manners in order to create new working methods and solutions. And lastly, Convergence for finding collaborations all around us to better the work at libraries and what they offer.

After the presentations of the sub-themes the 50 attendees formed a workshop and everyone gathered into several groups where they discussed the content of 1-2 sub-themes as well as the overall theme.  The outcome of these workshops generated quite a few thoughts; mostly they were about the sub-theme of Innovation and Convergence. One group said something interesting; it was that one innovative way of working was through convergence, thus creating possibilities for transformative changes.

Paul Whitney said in his concluding remarks that the theme could work on many levels but, as had shown in the brainstorming, that “some tweaking” remained.

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