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Niina Holm (author)

Thursday, 16 August 2012

New Paths for Public Libraries in the Developing World

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Beyond Access

This session examined linkages between public libraries and development and introduced the campaign Beyond Access.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Books are still our firmest foundation

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Peter van Bagh at Monday's Plenary session

Peter von Bagh is a genuine book lover. In his emotional plenary speech he emphasized the roles of literature and libraries not only as the memory of the world, but also as the foundation a nation is built upon. Furthermore, von Bagh declared that the traditional books are more valuable than ever, and that a library is man’s best friend.

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Monday, 13 August 2012

Spotlight on the Local librarian of the day

Finnish Perspective: ANNE, THE LIVING SIGN

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Anne Ala-Honkola

I was very happy when I heard that IFLA 2012 will be in Finland. I am Anne Ala-Honkola, the chief librarian at Töölö library. My library is waiting for basic renovation which was planned to start this year. However, the renovation was postponed, giving me the wonderful opportunity to work as a volunteer at IFLA and to help colleagues and to learn about the newest innovations in libraries. I´m sure that I will be inspired by all of you!

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Anne Ala-Honkola

当我听说2012年国际图联大会将在芬兰召开的时候我非常高兴。我叫安妮•阿拉-洪科拉( Anne Ala-Honkola), 特勒图书馆(Töölö library)馆员。 我所在的图书馆一直期待着今年计划开展的变革。不过该计划推迟了,使我能够有这么好的机会参与国际图联的志愿者工作,帮助同事们的同时了解图书馆界最新的创新。我相信将会从所有人那里得到启发。

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