Congress theme: “Libraries Now! - Inspiring, Surprising, Empowering”

Libraries today and tomorrow: a force for change in our transforming societies?

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President's Theme Session

Ingrid Parent

We had an interesting and successful session:

  1. Before the break — Opening remarks by the President, and the speakers' presentations:
    Video footage
    - Quotes and remarks recorded by the Leaders Programme Associates
  2. After the break — IFLA Trend Report
    - Interview with Christine Mackenzie about the session
    Roundtable discussions

Society is rapidly being changed and transformed through many external influences such as access to and use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), grass roots democracy movements, multiculturalism and cultural integration, and economic challenges in the distribution and use of wealth. This session will discuss how changes influencing societies today may impact on democratising digital access in societies of tomorrow; and the role that libraries can have within that transformation of society.

The commentary of speakers and delegates will contribute to the IFLA Trend Report, to be launched in 2013.

Following the presentations and break, the session will then turn to roundtable discussions bringing together the issues arising from the presentations and delegates thoughts on "inclusive libraries—transforming our libraries, transforming our societies".   

IFLA International Leaders Programme Associates will participate with each discussion group and feedback directly—in near real-time—to the presentation screen.

Feedback to us! 

Would you like to participate in the discussion?  Join us online and play a role in democratising digital access in the societies of tomorrow.  After the conference, the results of the discussion will be collected on this webpage in an interactive form.