Congress theme: “Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities”

Libraries, Citizens, Societies: Confluence for Knowledge

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IFLA WLIC 2014In the Exhibition Hall, delegates are encouraged to visit the IFLA Booth F117 where you can find information about attending the 2014 IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Lyon.  Representatives of the French National Committee will be present to give you information about Lyon and the Conference.

Welcome from Lyon

Confluence is the name given to the Lyon’s borough where the Rhône and the Saone, the two rivers that cross the city, meet. It is also a constant feature in Lyon's history that through the ages the city has received flows of migrants from neighboring countries.

A Congress for librarians is not like any other kind of congress. Beyond the gathering of professional representatives of a given branch of knowledge, a WLIC is actually a confluence of thousands of different cultural traditions, a diverse universe of thought and social projects.

Libraries are at the convergence of their patrons, the citizens they serve and the societies in which they operate.

Librarians worldwide champion and promote these values every day: anti-discrimination, Access to Knowledge, freedom of information, lifelong learning...

Therefore Lyon, crossroads of civilizations, of riches and people, is proud to promote the profession‘s values and welcome, 25 years after Paris, librarians from all over the world, with all their diverse languages, across all generations, all genders, all religions, all nationalities, all professional status...