Congress theme: “Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities”

Future standards: infinite possibilities

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21 August, 11:45-13:45


Summit 2

IFLA Committee on Standards open session

Over the last 50 years, IFLA has produced a wide range of standards and guidelines in all fields of library and information services. IFLA professional units have been very active in identifying and responding to the need to have common sets of rules and practices that ensure high quality information and library services. In the ever evolving international information and library environment, up to date standards and guidelines are needed to assess and develop new activities and services. IFLA has a strong role to play to promote understanding and expertise among professionals working in this field.

In response, the IFLA Committee on Standards, in its role of supporting standards and guidelines activities in IFLA has organised its 2013 WLIC open session around the theme of “Future standards: infinite possibilities”. It will comprise five presentations on issues relating to the use, development, collaboration and implementation of standards by experts developing and implementing national and international standards in Australia, Korea, United States and Norway.

The mission of the IFLA Committee on Standards is to coordinate standards work with and beyond IFLA and support standards activities in IFLA professional units.

Note: session papers are in the IFLA Library.