Glòria Pérez-Salmerón


Libraries: motors for change
Bibliotecas: motores del cambio
Les bibliothèques : moteurs du changement
Bibliotheken – Motoren für Veränderung
المكتبات : محركات للتغيير

Библиотеки – двигатели перемен


My two President-elect’s Sessions in Columbus, Ohio, on 18 August 2016 “Librarians: Gears of the Motors for Change” and in WrocÅ‚aw, Poland, on 24 August 2017 “Making change happen: Leaders for a United Library Field”, focused on how library leaders can make change happen by working together in a global, united library field.

The challenges facing the library field from ever-increasing globalisation can only be met and overcome by an inclusive, global response from a united library field. From my point of view, only by working together on a Global Vision and achieving a professional and powerful mindset will libraries be able to overcome the challenges they face and take full advantage of the vast opportunities of the Information Society.

Last April in Athens, IFLA started an ambitious global conversation about its “Global Vision” that needs a local impact. I firmly believe that the challenges facing libraries can only be tackled if librarians—as leaders—are able to make change happen by building librarians’ capacities and strengthening strategic stakeholders’ alliances.

My programme as IFLA President 2017-2019 is aligned with IFLA’s new approach as a participatory and inclusive organization, while being mindful of its long-term sustainability. As President, I am going to put stress on how much we can change our mindset by being tremendously effective in society’s involvement—as leaders advocating for important issues like Information Literacy, Digital Transformation, Innovation, Digital Preservation and Copyright Reform.

We need to create an effective synergy among library networks to take advantage of and synchronize with the tremendous work we must do over the coming years.

We will achieve this commitment because we are powerful, hard workers and passionate and we know better than anyone one else that “Libraries are the motor for change!”

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President’s Programme


2nd IFLA President’s Meeting
Date: 23 May 2019

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Theme: Motors of Change: Libraries and Sustainable Development
Venue: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
Organisation: Biblioteca del Congreso de la Nación, Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno, Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación


1st IFLA President’s Meeting
Date: 19 March 2018

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Theme: Leading the way: libraries as motors of change
Venue: Museu Marítim de Barcelona
Organisation: Gerència de Serveis de Biblioteques de la Diputació de Barcelona and Federación Española de Sociedades de Archivística, Biblioteconomía, Documentación y Museística (FESABID)