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IFLA Conference

World Library and Information Congress: 75th IFLA General Conference and Assembly

"Libraries create futures: Building on cultural heritage"

23-27 August 2009, Milan, Italy

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions were held from 12:00 to 14:00 on Tuesday, 25 August and Wednesday, 26 August


  1. The Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP) Experience in Asia and Oceania
    Presenter: Tan Keat Fong-Singapore

  2. Library Buildings from the classical times through the 21st century
    Presenter: James O. Daniel-Nigeria

  3. The IFLA Multicultural Library Manifesto - A tool for creating global understanding
    Presenter: Kirsten Leth Nielsen-Norway

  4. What you may not know about ALP
    Presenter: Birgitta Sandell-Sweden

  5. 35 Years of IFLA Activities in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Presenter: Elizabet Maria Ramos de Carvalho-Brasil

  6. The Library Space: Inspiration for Building and Design
    Presenter: Hellen Niegaard-Denmark

  7. Libraries Create Futures: Library and Business in DRC
    Presenter: Vincent Lukoji-Mvunza-Rep. of Congo

  8. Towards a Provenance Database in the Historic Collection of the Library of the University of Barcelona
    Presenters: Pedro Rueda Ramírez and Marina Ruiz Fargas-Spain

  9. Management of the Free Access to the Scientific Knowledge generated by the Defended Dissertations at the Campinas State University-Brazil, having as tool the Digital Library at UNICAMP
    Presenter: Luiz Atilio Vicentini-Brasil

  10. Challenges of JST in Electronic Journal Publishing of Japan - A story of J-STAGE and Journal Archive
    Presenters: Soichi Kubota, Kota Aoyama and Shuo Zhang -Japan

  11. Casting a net from Nebraska to Nicaragua: Extending library outreach and service to our sibling institution at the Universidad Nacional de Autónoma de Nicaragua, León
    Presenter: Marvel Maring-USA

  12. Libraries in Bangladesh: Direction and Concept of Digital Library
    Presenter: Kh. Ali Murtoza-Bangladesh

  13. Instituto Cervantes’ Libraries. The largest Spanish libraries net in the world
    Presenter: Yolanda de la Iglesia Sánchez-Spain

  14. “We don’t need no Education”: Facing the illusion of Information Literacy Competence
    Presenter: Heike vom Orde-Germany

  15. Beacon for Freedom of Expression – An International Bibliographic Database
    Presenter: Michelle Tisdel-Norway

  16. Ensuring Libraries’s Futures Through Librarians’Continuing Learning
    Presenters: Ulrike Lang and Jana Varlejs-Germany

  17. Librarian’s Role and Diversification of Librarian’s Work for Creating Blue Ocean Strategy of Special Libraries in Korea
    Presenter: Ji Ho Yi-Rep. of Korea

  18. Creating and Using Personas for Library Service and Digital Library System in Web2.0 era
    Presenter: Li-Ping Ku-China

  19. Library and Information Science undergraduates ICT skills and the job market needs in Kuwait
    Presenter: Hanadi Buarki-UK

  20. Preserving the Portuguese and French Colonial Periodical Legacies in post-colonial India and the Library as an archival repository 1st RUNNER UP!
    Presenter: Liladhar Ramchandra Pendse-USA

  21. Want to help! Reaching Out To Children In Crisis
    Simmone La Rose and Vishallie Singh-Guyana

  22. The Reading Tally
    Presenters: Katarina Mihajlovic, Dragana Mihailovic and Miljana Djukic-Serbia

  23. International Library Assistance and Information Literacy of Vietnam’s Rural Communities
    Presenter: Binh P. Le-USA

  24. Spatial Analysis of Research Library holdings by Geographical Information System (GIS)
    Presenters: Mehri Sedighi and Sakineh Ensafi-Iran

  25. Symbolic Possibilites: The Cultural Semiotics of Libraries
    Presenters: Julie Biando Edwards and Stephan P. Edwards-USA

  26. National Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project in China
    Presenter: Xuan Liu-China

  27. How to benefit from the Frankfurt Book Fair as librarian?
    Presenter: Sandra Poczka-Germany

  28. BIB-Exchange: a new marketing tool for a library association
    Presenter: Sabine Stummeyer-Germany

  29. Digitization of Historical Images of Eastern Venezuela and conserving for the future
    Presenter: Abul K. Bashirullah-Venezuela

  30. To Measure Possibility of Making Bibliographic Network in the Central Libraries of the Third Area of Islamic Azad University Branches
    Presenter: Seyed Ali Asghar Razavi-Iran

  31. Book is a Picture Gallery (made for the workshop “Be Active, Be Creative – Learn from your Grandparents, Leave Something to your Children”)
    Presenter: Nada Arbutina-Serbia

  32. Think Globally, Act Globally: China & US Librarian Collaboration
    Presenters: Shuyoung Jiang, Karen T. Wei, Susan Schnuer and Barbara J. Ford-USA

  33. TKK Library Building Blocks 2.0
    Presenters: Petteri Kivimäki and Harri Maikola-Finland

  34. IRALIS: improving the visibility of Author’s names in the Open Access world
    Presenters: Imma Subirats Coll, Tomas Baiget, Antonia Ferrer-Sapena, Fernanda Peset and Josep-Manuel Rodriguez-Gairin-Italy

  35. Dinner is served; People with Intellectual Disabilities run successful Library Café
    Presenter: Helle Arendrup Mortensen-Denmark

  36. Chilenos en red hacia el Bicentenario /Chileans Networking towards the Bicentennial
    Presenter: Máximo Moreno Grez-Chile

  37. Status and Perspectives on Institutional Repositories in Korea based on Open Access
    Presenters: Young Choon Chun and Tae Kyoung Ahn-Rep. of Korea

  38. Proposed Research: Academic Library Instruction to Non-native English speaking International Students in the United States
    Presenter: Elisabeth Rodriguez-USA

  39. Building Rural Libraries and Communities
    Presenters: Brian F. Clark and Timothy Collins-USA

  40. Ukrainian Public Libraries Expand Access to the Internet: Past, Current and Future Projects
    Presenters: Valentyna Pashkova, Iryna Shevchenko and Yaroslava Tytarenko-Ukraine

  41. Unione Romana Biblioteche Scientifiche: a network for the humanities
    Presenter: Germana Graziosi-Italy

  42. Education City, Qatar: creating futures through interlibrary cooperation
    Presenter: Dana Beth, Zoreh Frouzan, Edward Warro, and Gillian Westera-Qatar

  43. New vs. Old Photos: Keep Cultural Heritages in Guangzhou Alive WINNER!
    Presenters: Ni Junming and Huang Qunqing-China

  44. New Masters Programme on Library and information Science for Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan: European Union, Eastern Neighbouring Area and Central Asia cooperation schema in action
    Presenter: Tigran Zargrayan-Armenia

  45. ASEAN University Network Inter-Library Online (AUNILO)
    Presenter: Mohd. Pisol Bin Ghadzali-Malaysia

  46. Photographic Collections Management - Safeguarding the Past and Illuminating the Future of Cultural Information
    Presenter: Eleni Mamma-Greece

  47. “Read it - Show it - Promote it”
    Presenters: Michael Larsen and Tina Mortensen-Denmark

  48. Issues Facing the Creation of Future Libraries in Multi-Cultural Virtual Worlds
    Presenter: Emily F. Blankenship-USA

  49. Living on the border when there is no border left : The France Bevk Public Library and the preservation of the multicultural heritage of the area
    Presenter: Irena Tul-Slovenia

  50. The VIATICALPES project. Valorizing an exceptional cultural heritage: the illustration of the travels in the Alps 2nd RUNNER UP!
    Presenter: Daniela Vaj-Switzerland

  51. Get HIP: Providing Health Care Information for Youth through Collaboration and Team-Building
    Presenter: Barbara Immroth and Bill Lukenbill-USA

  52. Assessing the impact of the provision of mother tongue storybooks on children’s reading development
    Presenter: Mary Nassimbeni-South Africa

  53. Collection Mapping: How to make library collections visible to the faculties
    Presenter: Aniita Ahlholm-Kannisto-Finland

  54. InfoSud Digital, un Servicio de Referencia Virtual que contribuye a informar y sensibilizar
    Presenters: Francisca Ginés Huertas and Rosa Vela Casero-Spain

  55. The Croatian Cultural Heritage portal (www.kultura.hr) - Global promotion of Croatian cultural heritage
    Presenters: Dunja Seiter-Šverko and Sofija Klarin-Croatia

  56. Heredity and environment – genealogy and local history for all
    Presenter: Elizabeth Melrose-UK

  57. An Ethiopian Research Library Evolves Into the New Millennium
    Presenters: Marie Paiva and Rita Pankhurst-USA

  58. Library, Archive, Museum in service cultural heritage via Consortium
    Presenters: Beata Bobok and Ibolya Billédi-Hungary

  59. The Library Leadership Train: How to Get Your Principal Onboard
    Presenters: Maureen White and Paula Griffith-USA


  61. Reference services beyond the ordinary: Knowledge network analysis and visualization as effective tools for expanding traditional reference services
    Presenter: Dangzhi Zhao-Canada

  62. Bibliotherapy & Depression in Iran
    Presenter: Kimia Zeraatkar-Iran

  63. BIB@Mento – Mentoring Program of the German Professional Association (BIB)
    Presenter: Cornelia Vonhof-Germany

  64. Aristotelian tradition methamorphosed in the modern age
    Presenter: Laura Frigerio-Italy

  65. Digitisation – A Local Community Value
    Presenters: Kristian Ujlaki and Karlo Galinec-Croatia

  66. Factors in Developing Partnerships between Faculty Members and Librarians in Higher Education
    Presenter: Tayo Nagasawa-Japan

  67. T.J.Mahoney [et al.], Declaration concerning the evolving role of libraries in research centres
    Presenter: Antonella Gasperini-Italy

  68. NIPR: Safeguarding Northern Ireland’s Literary Heritage in the 21st Century
    Presenter: Monica McErlane-UK

  69. Bushehr libraries: A Historical survey from ancient to now
    Presenter: Abdoulrasoul Khosravi-Iran

  70. Latin America & Information – Building a Virtual Library to Disseminate Latin American Culture
    Presenter: Marcia Rosetto-Brasil

  71. A promising model of Virtual Library for Brazilian state sponsoring agencies towards preservation and dissemination of institutional memory and funded research
    Presenter: Rosaly Favero Krzyzanowski-Brasil

  72. CBBU – Continuing Education Needs to the Managers of the University Libraries in Brazil
    Presenters: Sigrid Karin Weiss Dutra and Paula Mello-Brasil

  73. History is not heavy
    Presenters: Man Shu and Feng QIu-China

  74. “Projek Suluh Bacaan” - Inculcating reading habits at early childhood age to the rural communities
    Presenter: Norma Mohd Darus-Malaysia

  75. Landscaping Our Cultural Commonwealth: The Making of TELDAP Collection Level Descriptions
    Presenters: Hsueh-hua Chen, Chiung-min Tsai and Ya-chen Ho-China

  76. Quick Reference and Information Service: Data Collection - a case study
    Presenter: Carola R. Della Porta-Italy

  77. A special Library for children with complex communication needs and or motor disability
    Presenter: Enrica Lobina-Italy

  78. Archeomatics: Towards a new discipline of digital curation and conservation
    Presenter: Nader Naghshineh and Fatima Fahimnia-Iran

  79. Library Alchemy: Genius is Eternal Patience
    Presenters: Shahed Rashidi and Nader Naghshineh-Iran

  80. Cultural Heritage without Boundaries: Digitizing and Networking through International Cooperation
    Presenters: Karl Min Ku, Hsiao-Ming Yu and Bau-Mei Cheng-China


  82. Central library, Cape Town Fusion of African heritage and Western culture
    Presenter: Christelle Lubbe-South Africa

  83. La médiathèque scientifique de l’Institut Pasteur : vers une conservation du patrimoine audiovisuel scientifique
    Presenter: Claire Dugast-France

  84. First Nations Information Connection: Supporting Cultural Heritage
    Presenters: Sharon Marshall, Anne Carr-Wiggin and Sharon Farnel-Canada


  86. Building bridges
    Presenter: Elise Pirttiniemi-Finland

  87. Universal Abstracts
    Presenter: Andreas Strotmann-Canada

  88. Catalogue Enrichment: Hybrid Publications in Library Catalogues -
    Experiences with Open Access within a book project at the Berlin School for Library and Information Science, Germany

    Presenters: Petra Hauke, Aline Hötzeldt and Jana Rumler-Germany

  89. Documentos patrimoniales de la UNESCO en el Centro de Documentación de la Oficina Regional de Cultura para América Latina y el Caribe de la UNESCO en la Habana, Cuba: Un aporte a la herencia cultural internacional
    Presenters: María Elena Dorta-Duque and Blanca Patallo Emperador-Cuba

  90. How engineers use Internet and Digital Libraries to develop research activities? A study about information behavior of researchers at Polytechnic School in University of Sao Paulo

    Presenters: Elisabeth Adriana Dudziak and Maria Cristina Olaio Villelag-Brasil

  91. Managing Collaborations and Creating Solutions: IT, Librarians, and Student Judicial Affairs Jointly Addressing Academic Integrity Issues
    Presenter: Avril Cunningham-USA

  92. Healing the Academy: the Kenanow Learning Model
    Presenter: Shannon McAlorum-Canada

  93. Preserving our cultural heritage: a peek at the Caribbean Indo Museum in Trinidad and Tobago
    Presenter: Kumaree Ramtahal-Trinidad & Tobago

  94. BABS-Longterm digital preservation of heterogenous e-resource
    Presenter: Klaus Kempf-Germany

  95. KoreaScience : The gateway to scientific and technical information in Korea. KoreaScience is a entry point for all those looking for Korea scientific and technical information. It is a free of charge and open to everyone in the world. It provides user-friendly access to reliable information and full-texts from STM areas
    Presenter: Kyung-Ran Noh-Rep. of Korea

  96. Center for Research in Agricultural Sciences: Use of technology and partnerships to offer service on-line bibliographic search in University Library
    Presenter: Maria Aparecida Alves de Oliveira-Brasil

  97. The World – a click away in your library
    Presenter: Kristine Paberza-Latvia

  98. Information-Seeking Behavior of African-American Women with HIV/AIDS: A Grounded Theory
    Presenter: Evelyn L. Curry-USA

  99. “Cultural Emergency Response”, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Presenter: Eléonore de Merode-Netherlands

  100. The Cultural Heritage of Bibliothèques des Sciences et de l’Industrie (BSI)’s Children Section Built on its Resources of Popular Science
    Presenter: Francine Lesaint-France

  101. Descripción por medio de un mapa mental de los pasos para la construcción de una biblioteca digital
    Presenter: Gabriela Cabrera-Uruguay
  102. University Library role in permanent education of librarians and researchers

    Presenters: Stela Filipi Matutinovic and Aleksandra Popovic-Serbia

  103. Brazilian Constitution’s elaboration process on the web after 20 years
    Presenters: Dalvaleze Lopes de Oliveira and Cristiane Medeiros Jardim-Brasil