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23 September 2010

IFLA 2010 Conference Grantees' reports

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IFLA Grantees outside the IHM Hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden

After general announcements for IFLA-supported Grants for Gothenburg were made in early 2010, we received 235 applications from 50 different countries. Thanks to the added support of a number of sponsors, IFLA was able to help more than 40 colleagues from Asia/Oceania, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to attend last month's Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden.  

The following grantees have submitted narrative reports documenting their personal experiences at the Congress:

IFLA gratefully acknowledges the support of its sponsors, who together have provided over €100.000:

Swedish Library Association, Sweden
Axiell Library Group, Sweden
Stichting IFLA Foundation, Netherlands
Walter de Gruyter Stiftung, Germany
NBD/Biblion, Netherlands
FOBID, Netherlands Library Forum, Netherlands
Shawky Salem, Egypt
Henning Mankell, Sweden