Conference Session 120 a

AV collections for non-specialist librarians

Audiovisual and Multimedia Section

16 August 2011 09:00 - 18:00 | Off-site

  • Welcome & introduction to the workshop objectives.
  • Types of collections and their specific needs.
  • Film: Identification and Risk Assessment. How it works. Gauges and supports. Deterioration.
  • Sound and Video: Identification and Risk Assessment. How it works. Format identification.
  • Film: Preservation and Conservation Storage conditions and life expectancy. Care and handling; Sound and Video: Preservation and Conservation. Storage conditions for mechanical carriers, magnetic tape, optical carriers. Care and handling.
  • A tour of Radio Activa (a digital radio station), the Communication Center (a production facility for videos, recording and phonographs), a visit to the Library AV collection.
  • Transfer and reformatting film, video and sound. Born digital materials. Access: on site, on line. Metadata, access formats, rights. Case studies.

More details & Pre-registration information

The workshop will be held in Sala de Conferencias in the Madre María Teresa Guevara Library, ground floor, at Universidad del Sagrado Corazón (University of the Sacred Heart), San Juan, Puerto Rico. Transportation for participants will be provided.

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