29 March 2011

Launching IFLA 2011 Puerto Rico

On Thursday, March 24, 2011, the announcement of the World Congress IFLA 2011 PUERTO RICO was made at a Press Conference held at the Museo de Vida Silvestre in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

At this event, IFLA President, Ms. Ellen Tise, joined representatives of the Municipality of San Juan, Fernando Aguiar and Lunna García de la Noceda, the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Co., Mr. Mario González, the President of the Puerto Rico Convention Bureau - Ms. Ana María Viscaillas, ACURIL President Prof. Ardis Hanson, and representatives of the IFLA 2011 PR National Committee: Prof. Pedro Padilla-Rosa, Dr. Sarai Lastra de Aponte, Prof. Carmen Santos-Corrada and Dr. Luisa Vigo-Cepeda.

A recent article in El Nuevo Día, a major newspaper in Puerto Rico, identified IFLA 2011 PUERTO RICO as the most important 'Information Event' to be held on the Island in 2011.