Conference Session 144

Winds of Change: a taxonomy of clouds for libraries

OCLC Parallel Symposium

16 August 2011 13:45 - 15:45 | Room: 209

While cloud computing is a relatively new technology model for IT services, it’s becoming clear that there are a number of ways in which organizations—including libraries—can utilize these resources.

Come hear Matt Goldner, Technology Advocate for OCLC, discuss the challenges and benefits of library cooperation within a cloud environment. He will explore how the original drive to create cloud systems – a desire to avoid the costs of redundant equipment and locally hosted software – has evolved into several different types of cloud solutions. For many organizations, cloud computing will indeed simplify processes while saving time and money. But there are also greater benefits to be had when cloud computing enables sharing on many more levels.

Jay Jordan, President and CEO of OCLC, will speak to how OCLC’s long-term strategy will build on the promise of cloud computing in order to achieve network effects through Web-scale library cooperation. This will allow every member to benefit from shared data and the participation of others.

JAY JORDAN, President and CEO, OCLC
MATTHEW R. GOLDNER, Product & Technology Advocate, OCLC

Last update: 20 May 2011