Full-day Library Visits: Regional Areas


Friday, August 17, 2012

It is essential that delegates book these visits prior to the Congress via the online registration form. Full-day Library Visits to Regional Areas require chartered buses for which participants must pay a small fee. There may be a possibility for delegates to book these visits onsite, however, this is subject to availability.

Jyväskylä: 25 EUR

08.00 AM - 08.00 PM
(Possibility to reach Helsinki-Vantaa airport in the way back)

The Library of JAMK University of Applied Sciences
Languages: English, German, Swedish

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamk_library/

The Library of JAMK University of Applied Sciences houses the most significant collection of field-specific information in the region. Students working on their theses can get one-to-one guidance in database search problems in thesis saunas. The library's information seeking guidance is integrated into Bachelor's degree programmes. The JAMK Library co-operates strongly with other regional libraries and information services.

You will be visiting the new Finnish Music Campus library - a common library for undergraduate and postgraduate students and staff of both the Jyväskylä University, the JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Jyväskylä College - and open to other interested parties, as well.

The library offers rehearsal and sound editing studio, a video conferencing facility and extensive electronic archives and databases. Scores, audio and video recordings, journals, books, and articles are accessible for the students from the comfort of their homes. The cornerstones of the versatile library services are the (well-designed) premises, equipment, materials, guidance and reference, expertise, networks, and co-operation.

  • We are the most significant gatherer of field-specific information in the region.
  • Thesis Sauna. Students working on their theses or development project reports can get one-to-one guidance in database search problems.
  • The JAMK Library co-operates strongly with other regional libraries and information services.

Jyväskylä University Library
Languages: English, German and Swedish

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jy_kirjasto/sets/72157627002891360/

Jyväskylä University Library is a public scientific library that supports and promotes research and education at the University and offers quality library and information services available to anybody. The library promotes the University's academic profile and areas of research expertise. As the leading scientific library in Central Finland, the University Library is recognized both nationally and internationally as a leading expert in its field. In addition, the library has a significant regional cultural influence.

THE CULTURAL SPIRIT of the city of Jyväskylä is clearly reflected throughout the University campuses in its inviting gardens and architecture, which gracefully blends the 1800's with modern designs by Alvar Aalto and Arto Sipinen. A lakeside beach in the middle of the campus lends a crowning touch to the University grounds.

The university library history began in 1863, when the Teacher Training College of Jyväskylä was established. Along with the expanding university, the library has developed into a diverse, modern research and learning environment integrating printed and electronic resources into a modern information environment.

  • Legal Deposit Collection
  • Developed publishing services
  • Centralised library services

Jyväskylä City Library
Language: English

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/69527011@N07/

Jyväskylä City Library is a library for everyone. In addition to the main library there are 14 branch libraries in different parts of the city and 3 mobile libraries.

Jyväskylä City Library is part of Aalto Libraries, a library consortium of public libraries in Central Finland. The consortium gives our patrons an access to the collections of the libraries of eight other towns. In addition to the extensive collection, Jyväskylä City Library offers library instruction for kindergarten and school children, fairy tale readings, literary soirées, and training in internet usage. We organize Meet the Author -events, theatre performances and book showcases for diverse target groups. Jyväskylä City Library works in close cooperation with other libraries in Jyväskylä and the public libraries in the whole of Central Finland.

The library you will be visiting is Palokka Library. Palokka, a population center of some 15 000 people in northern Jyväskylä, will gain a brand new library in August 2012. It will share a location with a comprehensive school and an adult education center. The 1 700 m² library is expected to have an annual attendance of 100 000 - 120 000 visitors. The immediate proximity of the school and Palokka Youth Center will sound in the functions of the library. The new premises and library services will hopefully attract visitors and it is expected that especially the young will stake their claim for the library. Approximately 500 children and teenagers will be crowding the school yard on daily basis. Strong co-operation with primary and secondary school and youth services.

Palokka Library will be the first new library built in Jyväskylä in this Millennium. We want it to be a functionally modern establishment that makes it possible to offer traditional library services as well as provide opportunities to create and participate. Among other things, there will be a stage for performances, a games area, a computer studio to be used in cooperation with the school and the adult education center, and a newspaper and periodicals room that can be used also outside the opening hours. The shelves are movable to make the library space adaptable to various functions. Palokka Library will be a common forum for people of all ages!

Also, You will have a chance to visit our newest Mobile Library, bookbus Wivi. It will be parked just outside Palokka library.

Lahti: 20 EUR

08.30 AM - 05.30 PM
(Possibility to reach Helsinki-Vantaa airport in the way back)

Lahti City Library
Language: English

Lahti City Library - a Meeting Place of Ideas and Thoughts.

The Lahti City Library provides library and information services for the 102,000 inhabitants of Lahti and functions as the leader of library cooperation in the Päijät-Häme region. The new regional LASTU Web Library will be opened at the beginning of 2012 and serves more than 200,000 people in Lahti and the other municipalities in Päijät-Häme.

The Lahti City Library offers its patrons information, positive experiences and meeting places. The Library has literary services and media education aimed at children, as well as various services that are available for teenagers and seniors. A team for youth services is responsible for the Main Library's Youth Space and the events organized there. Seniors are provided with assistance and guidance in learning media skills, in groups and individually. The Library also helps patrons improve their well-being by collaborating with sports and health services. Patrons have shown interest in borrowing sports equipment and taking part in different health and recreational sports events, where information, instruction and testing have been available.

The Main Library, designed by architect Arto Sipinen and opened in 1990, represents high-quality Finnish architecture. The Main Library provides ample and adaptable spaces for literary, information and music services, spaces where patrons can meet, spend their leisure time, learn something new and use online services. The Main Library is visited by almost 3,000 people every day, and close to 1.5 million items are borrowed each year. A return terminal is available to patrons. The terminal has two return slots and sorts items into 24 boxes or ergonomic carts. The Main Library also has seven self-service check-out stations.

Lahti City Library has developed services especially for children and schools, for young people and for seniors.

Eight branch libraries and a mobile library provide library and information services to inhabitants and schools in different parts of the town. The branch libraries also function as patrons' "living rooms" and offer learning environments for schoolchildren.

Mukkula Library
Languages: English and Russian

Mukkula Library is a typical branch that operates in a school building. About 200 people visit the Library daily, and almost 100,000 items are borrowed each year. A few classrooms were renovated and decorated in 2008 and converted into pleasant library space. A return terminal and self-service check-out are in heavy use. Tailored class visits to the Library, book talks and book clubs are important parts of the Library's service.

Fellmannia - from Learning Centre to Learning Landscape
Languages: English and Russian

In the summer of 2011, the regional and international Learning Centre Fellmannia was opened in Lahti, Finland. Along with versatile higher education library services, Fellmannia produces a wealth of other services for learning and R&D. It devotes itself to cost-effective development and the nurturing of innovative ideas in the areas of learning facilities and services, regional synergy, and sustainable development.

Instead of present-day solutions, Fellmannia has an innovative approach to improve the student experience. The six-storey building provides spaces where people can gather, mix, socialize and exchange ideas, while at the same time giving up-to-date opportunities for learning in an online environment.

Fellmannia focuses on information management and digital resources together with information skills training, turning local learning to global e-learning.

Students played a significant role in the Fellmannia project. They tuned up old furniture to create aesthetic spaces to promote learning. The interior was designed as a thesis project. The colour scheme is mostly white, with colour accents coming from people, books and magazines.

Fellmannia thrives on co-operation between Lahti Region Educational Consortium, Lahti University Consortium and the City of Lahti, serving the students, staff, and clients.

Porvoo: 15 EUR

09.00 AM - 05.00 PM
(Possibility to reach Helsinki-Vantaa airport in the way back)
The program includes walk in the old city

Porvoo City Library
Language: English

The beautiful town of Porvoo is Finland's second oldest, and is a bilingual town from the 15th century where the idyllic old town has been preserved. Porvoo is surrounded by a variable nature.

Porvoo City Library was founded in 1861. It has functioned as the Regional Library of Eastern Uusimaa from the year 2000 onward when the library was housed in a new building. The library also has a mobile library and two branch libraries. The largest school libraries of the city are included in the same library system. Neighboring municipalities: Sipoo, Askola and Pornainen also belong to the same Porsse-library network.

Porvoo Gymnasium Library
Language: English

Borgå Gymnasium Library ["Porvoo" in Finnish = "Borgå" in Swedish] was founded in 1728. During the 18th century it developed into the most significant public, scientific library in Finland, only exceeded by the Åbo Akademi Library.

Borgå Gymnasium Library is situated as a museum library in the school building of Borgå Gymnasium built in the year 1850. It is still the most notable library in Finland for its age and collections after the University libraries. The majority of the books are from the 17th and the 18th century. It is estimated that both nationally and internationally significant, rare books amount to about 2 000 works.

Porvoo Campus Library
Languages: English, French, Swedish Catalan

HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences and Laurea University of Applied Sciences have a new library and a new campus on the west bank of the Porvoo River, within walking distance of the charming Old Porvoo.

Porvoo Campus is a new kind of learning and competencies centre, and the campus building is designed for the future needs of learning. In Porvoo Campus two universities share the same facilities and the same library. The education fields are tourism, international business and health care.

In Porvoo Campus HAAGA-HELIA Library and Laurea Library work together with a view to serving research, teaching and learning in Porvoo. The library is open for all to enter and use its resources.


07.30 AM - 07.50 PM
(By train)

Seinäjoki Public Library - Provincial Library
Language: English

The new library building:

The old library building:

Seinäjoki Public Library is composed of two buildings. The new library will be opened to the public august 2012. The old building was opened in 1965 and it is a part of the Administrative and Cultural centre of Seinäjoki; one of the most important creations of architect Alvar Aalto.

The architecture of the new library building is of high quality. It is designed by Finnish JKMM Architects. In the building there is among other things a café, reading staircase, exhibition space, a quiet study room, adult department, music and youth department and space for cultural events. The marvellous children's department is designed to be a story as well as a library. We will also tell the visitors about our many activities aimed especially at children and senior citizens.

Our strength are: reading promotion, co-operation with schools, architecture of library buildings.

You will find all presentations online.

Seinäjoki Academic Library
Language: English

Health Library of Seinäjoki Academic Library

Seinäjoki Academic Library, established in 1996, is the library of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (UAS). The library consists of seven unit libraries.

The Health Library is one of the units of Seinäjoki Academic Library. It is located nearby Seinäjoki Central Hospital and School of Health Care and Social Work of Seinäjoki UAS. It serves students, teachers and researchers of Seinäjoki UAS as well as the staff of Seinäjoki Central Hospital.

The information specialists of the Health Library are specialized in supporting information literacy and teaching information skills. Library works in close collaboration with the faculty in supporting for example problem based learning (PBL method) used in teaching physiotherapy. Collections include a variety of both printed materials and electronic resources.

Strengths of the Health Library:

  • special collections (health sciences, nursing, physiotherapy, medicine)
  • deep integration with degree programmes. Library services and information literacy are integrated in curriculums and pedagogical methods (PBL, evidence based nursing/medicine)
  • meeting point for students (nursing, physiotherapy, medicine), teachers, researchers and health care professionals (nurses, doctors, therapists)

Detailed information about the visit: https://sites.google.com/site/ifla2012seinajoki/

Tampere: 20 EUR

08.30 AM - 06.00 PM
(Possibility to reach Helsinki-Vantaa airport in the way back)

Tampere City Library
Language: English

  • Main Library Metso - architecturally remarkable.
  • Hervanta branch library by Reima and Raili Pietilä is part of a larger community centre.
  • Sampola branch library with the Netsquare is a concrete example of building library space for teaching media literacy to citizens.
  • Nekala branch library is an example of an ordinary small library located in connection with a school, renovated in 2008.
  • Netti-Nysse - the internet bus

Tampere University Library
Languages: English and German

Tampere University Library is one of the largest university libraries in Finland and it consists of three research libraries: Main Library, Library of Health Sciences and Library of Human and Education. All the libraries have new premises and they are frequently visited research libraries. Tampere University Library is a meeting place for students, teachers and researchers at the University of Tampere.

Besides this, the library can offer presentations about information literacy, collection mapping (evaluation of collections) and e-publishing of masters' thesis and dissertations.

Turku & Salo: 20 EUR

08.00 AM - 06.00 PM

Salo Library
Language: English

There is a suberb opportunity to see a traditional and very popular Finnish public library in Salo. There are about 55.000 inhabitants in Salo and the library use in Salo has been extremely active for years. In 2008, each Salo resident averaged 40 loans from Salo Public Library. After a municipal merger in the beginning of 2009 Salo Public Library expanded to include a main library, nine branch libraries, two mobile libraries and two hospital libraries. The main library is situated in the centre of the city which makes it easy to achieve. Specifically in the main library we still rely on the idea of comprehensive collection, the expertise of our professional library staff and the need for personal service. In the branch libraries the local conditions can be taken into account even better. The inhabitants of Salo esteem their own traditional libraries and we want to keep it that way.

Salo public library's strenght has been the ability to be part of the everyday life of the inhabitants of Salo. This means co-operation with day nurseries and schools, expertise on everyman's information service and of course an excellent location in the center of the city.

There is more information available in our brochure.

Turku City Library
Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese and Swedish

The Turku Main Library is the newest big library building in Finland. The architecture manifests the aim of the library: to be a common living room and the emporium of information and culture. Besides the new building, it comprises the old main library from 1903 and the former governor's office from 1818. The new section was opened in March 2007, and the whole project was finished in 2008. While the buildings constitute a beautiful and well functioning library in the old centre of the city, they at the same time surround a lively library yard which hosts events throughout the year. Our library has received the 'Concrete building of the year' -prize and the 'Good Surroundings Prize'.

The Turku main library has become a real centre of knowledge, experience, and learning. It houses traditional library services with books and other media, both virtual and physical services in various fields of information and culture, and numerous events, exhibitions, and programs. We cooperate systematically with many actors: universities, schools, associations, amateur groups etc. The library is open every day, and it has more than 1,3 million visits a year.

There is an ongoing project of modernizing our branch libraries to be social and cultural centres of their communities. In that we cooperate especially with schools, kindergartens, and youth services.

Turku University Library
Language: English

Turku University Library (f. 1921) is located on the Southwest coast of Finland and is one of the oldest and biggest Finnish university libraries.

The modern Turku University Library was built in the 1950's and designed by a well-renowned Finnish architect Aarne Ervi, who was one of the most important architects of Finland's post-WWII reconstruction period and especially interested in the new possibilities of construction technology.

Our three discipline-specific libraries extend over the whole campus area serving six faculties and the School of Economics whereas the University Main Library in the heart of the Turku University serves a wider audience with its extensive legal deposit collections.

Turku University is a research-led multidisciplinary scientific university with internationally acknowledged expertise, from humanities and economics to medicine and natural sciences, with students numbering more than 20 000 and personnel more than 3 000.

Turku University Library is one of the most significant and interesting scientific libraries in Finland with its extensive traditional collection of printed materials and up-to-date and forward-looking electronic online resources.

Åbo Akademi University Library
Languages: English and Swedish

Åbo ["Turku" in Finnish = "Åbo" in Swedish] Akademi University was founded in 1918 to meet the needs for higher education and research of the Swedish-speaking population in Finland. The library started operating in 1919 and in addition to giving service to the students, teachers, scholars and scientists of the university it aimed from the beginning to build important heritage collections of Finland-Swedish culture. On a guided tour we would present the activities of the library with a special focus on the role of the library in preserving and making available collections of various types of material, both non-printed and published, in the Swedish language in Finland.

Our areas of strength are being a Research Library, a Legal Deposit Library, and building heritage collections of Finland-Swedish culture.

Åbo Akademi University Library is beautifully situated near the Turku Cathedral and the river Aura. Its Main Library book tower was designed by the famous Finnish modern functionalist Erik Bryggman.

There will be two exhibitions: "Dear Edvard - a cosmopolitan correspondence" and a rare book exhibition.

"Dear Edvard - a cosmopolitan correspondence". Edvard Westermarck (1862-1939), sociologist and philosopher, was in his lifetime one of the world's most renown scientists, known for his works Ethical relativity and History of Human marriage and many based on field work in Morocco, for example Ritual and belief in Morocco. He was the first rector of Åbo Akademi university, professor of philosophy at Åbo Akademi and professor of sociology at London School of Economics 1907-1930. Thousands of letters written to Westermarck are in the manuscript holdings in Åbo Akademi university library. In this exhibition we attempt to throw light on Westermarck's extensive networks by exhibiting some of the letters from scientists, artists and women's rights activists from the whole world.

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