Hanna Nikkanen

Hanna Nikkanen (1981) is a Helsinki-based freelance journalist who is currently covering issues concerning digital freedom, transparency and corporate ethics.

Nikkanen is the founder and former editor-in-chief of Finnish online magazine Fifi (fifi.voima.fi). Before Fifi she worked at the international desks of various Finnish news organizations and coordinated NGO projects on women's education and HIV awareness in Sub-Saharan Africa and Central America.

In 2010 Nikkanen won the Discrimination and Poverty category of the EU Journalist Award. In the same year, her investigative work on telecom giants' involvement in the suppression of Iran's 2009 uprising led to Nokia Siemens Networks issuing a public apology and the European Parliament calling for an investigation into the intelligence business. In 2011, the Finnish Ministry of Education awarded her the prestigious state award for public information.

Nikkanen's book Viaton imperiumi ("The Innocent Empire", 2010) covered three investigations into large Nordic corporations and their involvement in conflicts arising from outsourcing and offshoring. In March 2012 she published Arabikevät, a book investigating the causes and effects of the Arab Spring, with researcher Lilly Korpiola.

Her third book, Verkko ja vapaus ("Freedom and the Web", 2012) studies the political struggle for the control of the Internet.

Last update: 14 August 2012