National Committees


78th World Library and Information Congress National Committees

National Committee (NC)


Ms Maija Berndtson
Library Director, Helsinki City Library - Central Library for Public Libraries
Ms Sinikka Sipilä
Secretary General, Finnish Library Association
Mr Kimmo Tuominen
President, Chief Librarian of Jyväskylä University Library, The Finnish Research Library Association
Ms Sirkku Blinnikka Director of Information and Library Services, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, AMKIT Consortium
Ms Leena Toivonen Deputy Director, Tampere University Library, Bibliothecarii Medicinae Fenniae BMF
Ms Sari Pajula Director of the Library, Library of Parliament
Ms Cecilia af Forselles Chief Librarian, Library of the Finnish Literature Society, SKS, The Council for the Special Libraries
Ms Barbro Nygård Library Director, The Kauniainen City Library, Finland´s Swedish Library Association
Ms Merja Pihlajamäki Regional Chief Librarian, Espoo City Library, Helsinki Metropolitan Libraries (HelMet)
Ms Kristina Virtanen Project Manager – International Tasks, Helsinki City Library - Central Library for Public Libraries
Ms Tuula Ruhanen Project Planner, Helsinki University Library
Mr Kai Ekholm Professor, Director, National Library of Finland
Mr Ari Haasio Principal Lecturer, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Applied Sciences Level Education in Librarianship
Ms Päivi Kuitunen Teacher, Vocational Adult Education Sedu Seinäjoki, Vocational Education Level in Librarianship
Mr Ilkka Mäkinen Lecturer in Information Studies and Interactive Media, Docent in Library History, School of Information Sciences, University of Tampere, Higher Education in Librarianship
Ms Päivi Litmanen-Peitsala Communication Planner,
Mr Matti Sarmela Editor-in-Chief,
Ms Maria Bang Student, University of Tampere, Student Organisations
Ms Pirjo Sinko Counsellor of Education, Finnish National Board of Education
Ms Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen   Counsellor for Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture
Mr Jukka Relander President, Finnish Library Association
Ms Seija Salmien Education Planner S.S., Education and Cultural Services Espoo City, Finnish School Library Association
Ms Maisa Lovio Senior Adviser, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
Mr Jaakko Tuohiniemi Library Secretary, Helsinki University Library, IAML Finland - The Finnish Music Library Association
Ms Marjut Kokko Chief of Information Services at the Finnish Supreme Court, Society for Finnish Information Specialists
Mr Pentti Vattulainen Director, National Respository Library
Ms Tuula Haavisto Director of Libraries, Tampere City Library, Council for Public Libraries
Mr Ari Muhonen University Librarian, Aalto University Library, Council for Finnish University Libraries
Ms Eila Rämö Head of the Information Services, Aalto University Library, Arabia, Finnish Research Library Association, Art Libraries
Ms Leena Uhlenius Librarian, Mariehamn City Library, Åland Library Association

Advisory Board (AB)


Ms Irina Lynden Deputy Director General for International Activities (Dr.), National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg
Ms Jolita Steponaitiene   Head, Rare Book and Manuscript Department Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania, Lithuanian Librarians' Association
Ms Dzidra Šmita MS, Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council, Head of Culture Board, Latvian Library Council
Ms Liisa Hallikainen Information Specialist, Lapland University Consortium Library, Arctic Centre Library
Mr Kalju Tammaru Collection Managemet Officer, Repository Library of Estonia, Estonian Librarians Association
Ms Olga Ustinova Director, St.Peterburg State Library for the Blind, Russian Library Association


Last update: 15 May 2012