Poster Sessions


Number Poster Title Presenter Country
1 Librarians' Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN): Two Fold Model Inazu Ifaka Queen Nigeria
2 Integration in academic libraries: a case study in Sharif University of Technology Libraries Farnoosh Reghabi,
Shahrzad Sharifi,
& Mahshid Nakhjavanpour
Republic of Iran
3 National Digital Library Programme of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan: A case study of knowledge innovation in information science Muhammad Javed Iqbal Pakistan
4 Developing a Model Virtual Internship Program: The SJSU/SLIS Experience Patricia Franks United States
5 Libraries for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) library users Noémi Somorjai Hungary
6 Old man's moped and granny's scooter Kirsi Nahkanen,
& Sari Seitajärvi
7 How LIS ideas travel internationally to make libraries inspiring, surprising, empowering Peter Lor South Africa
8 The evolution of the librarian: From staff to faculty status Christopher Shaffer,
Olga Casey,
& Lisa Vardaman
United States
9 "The 100th Year of the Republic, a Classical Time for Reading" - 108 organizations promoted reading Chinese ancient classics Tseng Shu hsien,
Kao Peng,
& Shiow-Man Liao
10 Collaborate to thrive not just survive Linda Lambert United States
11 The Current situations and relevant regulations of library services for visually impaired people in Taiwan Li-Kuei Hsueh,
& Chiao-Min Lin
12 User-centred spaces Kathryn M. Steel Australia
13 Creating access and providing information literacy training for the blind and visually impaired in public libraries in rural South Africa Mary Nassimbeni,
& Karin de Jager
South Africa
14 The Lubuto Library Project: Proving the value of high-quality public-access libraries in international development Jane Kinney Meyers,
& Stacy Langner
United States
15 The Estonian Librarians Association Katre Riisalu,
& Anneli Sepp
16 Library as third place and innovative ideas for improve the service to the users Amandine Jacquet Netherlands
17 Internal communication in university libraries: are we organizations 2.0? Raphaëlle Bats,
& Anne-laurence Margerard
18 Strengthening Medical Library Services in Ethiopia: TAAAC Library Science Program, International Education Collaboration S. Kendall,
& A. Bisrat
19 Good Practices in a Multicultural Library Susanna Kolehmainen,
& Marja Johansson
20 Open and distance educations library for out of school youth and adults in Namibia: the Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) experience Joel Kavetuna Namibia
21 Recovering of Japanese libraries after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, 2011 Yuka Sugimoto,
& Taro Miura
22 The HBCU Library Alliance Leadership Program; Protecting the legacy, library leadership through cooperation Sandra Phoenix United States
23 How unions can empower libraries Trygve Eliassen,
& Jorun Systad
24 Libraries without borders Frida Biscan,
& Claudia Jerina Mestnik
25 The New Library Index BIX Shirley McLeod Germany
26 Co-operation between the library and leisure office in Merijärvi Tuula Alin-Biari Musafiri,
& Heli Portti
27 Libraries on wheels: Mobile libraries in Finland Heli Itkomen-Vesa,
& Evan Seppä
28 Access to culture, education and information throughout reading and fun, the mobile library for children and youth in the Palestinian Territories Samira Safadi Palestinian Territories, Occupied
29 Prison library now! Gerhard Peschers Germany
30 Libraries for Life - National Library Board, Singapore Narinder Kaur Singapore
31 Identifying key skills of transliterate users Miraida Morales,
& Anjali Goyal
United States
32 Ask a Librarian Services at Loughborough University Library: Patron and Library Staff Survey Muharrem Yilmaz Norway
33 Hidden assets of cultural heritage Claudia Fabian Germany
34 Let's understand each other Beba Stankovic Republic of Serbia
35 Disaster and libraries: HELP-Toshokan project of Japan Library Association Yasuyo Inoue,
& Taor Miura
36 My mission is to listen - READ-dog Börje at your service Raisa Alameri,
Sunniva Drake,
& Mikko Airaksinen
37 To the library path!,
Guided adventure to knowledge and skill
Marja Kettunen,
Leena Marja Tikkanen,
& Paula Alaraasakka
38 Leveraging free online tools to enhance the library's distance education mission P. Charles Livermore United States
39 Using social web for connecting music libraries and people Ann-Christin Antell,
& Antti Impivaara
40 Empowering social science libraries and librarians Elizabeth Cooper,
& Maria Elena Dorta-Duque
United States / Cuba
41 New tasks for scientific libraries: Building digital infrastructures for scholars - The example at the Bavarian State Library Lilian Landes Germany
42 Renovation to inspire, surprise and empower library clients Judy Henning South Africa
43 Browsing for leisure reading in the digital environment: A case study Jessica Moyer,
Jennifer Thiele,
& Renee Kapusniak
United States
44 Discovery Tool E-LIB Bremen empowers digital natives: drill-down and modular recommendation services, tag clouds and other open catalogue functions Regine Schmolling Germany
45 Small NGO libraries spreading social awareness Abida Khatoon India
46 Thirst for information in Somalia Leena Marjatta Siitonen Spain
47 Empowering diversity LIS students through collaborative internship project Sha Li Zhang United States
48 Ready to empower! UEF Library’s ethical codes for the customer service Tuula Rissanen,
Marjut Kangasaho,
Mia Haapanen,
& Liisa Tervonen
49 Fellmannia - meeting place for learners Johanna Kiviluoto,
& Riikka Nieminen
50 The international students and 21st Century academic libraries East and West perspectives Shuqin Jiao,
& Liming Zhou
United States / China
52 Information Centre Vellamo - One stop source to library and archives information Pekka Malvela,
& Marianna Lehtiö
53 Let me book talk to you, babe! Markku Kesti,
Reetta Saine,
Jaana Kakkonen,
& Vesa Liminka
54 Institutional repository as a center of services Pekka Olsbo,
& Marja-Leena Harjuniemi
55 Dead end street? Sabine Stummeyer Germany
56 EOD - eBooks on demand Ülle Talihärm Estonia
57 "Espaces de vie" Jorge Sosa,
& Jonathan Shimony
58 Developing a service career system for an academic library - Case Aalto University Irma Pasanen,
Mari Svahn,
& Saija Nieminen
59 Enabling local E-government through a public library Mariana Harjevschi Republic of Moldova
60 Empowering undergraduate researchers: developing an sustaining an interdisciplinary undergraduate research conference at Queen's University Library Canada Jackie Druery Canada
61 Goodnight stories from inmate dads - Outreach making a difference Ella Mustamo,
Tarja Nikander,
Terhi Piikkilä,
& Lena Sågfors
62 A Moving Image Media Hub and LibGuides: A good marriage Dorothea J. Coiffe United States
63 Practical based qualification program for senior librarianship Anett Kristin Kolstad,
Jannicke Røgler,
& Heidi Kristin Olsen
64 Iranian Academic Resource Sharing System (SAHAM) Pouneh Mehrtash,
& Omid Fatemi
Republic of Iran
65 Inspiring discovery at Johor State Library Ungku Noorakmal Ungku Sulaiman Malaysia
66 Kirjastoradio / Library Radio Aapo Rikala Finland
67 E-books in libraries. A European campaign by EBLIDA Vincent Bonnet Netherlands
68 Books come alive: Code RE(a)D Stephanie Tan,
& Lynn Chua
69 Le Fouineur: A public library programme that contributes in academic success Chantal Brodeur Canada
70 Achieving more together - Customer focused library Ulla-Maija Maunu Finland
71 Libraries for development Veno Kauaria,
Alli Mcharazo,
& Marjatta Lahti
72 The Building Strong Library Associations Program in Ukraine: Investing in the future association Valentyna Pashkova,
Iryna Shevchenko,
& Yaroslava Soshynska
73 Building strong library communities, advocates, and leadership through library associations Fiona Bradley United Kingdom
75 Public libraries as a force for transparency Vesna Crnogorac,
& Jasmina Ninkov
Republic of Serbia
76 Outcome of Information Literacy Training Program for Medical Practitioners in a Developing Country Medical Library Grace A. Ajuwon,
& Samuel A. Bello
77 Understanding the information seeking habits of researchers: A global perspective Jenny Emanuel United States
78 McGill's Libdispenser: Providing high-demand materials 24x7 with self-serve kiosk Joseph Hafner,
Amber Lannon,
& Dawn McKinnon
79 Action now! Library's approaching to the countryside! Pan Deng China
80 KirjastoVirma Ritva Niemeläinen,
& Eila Ainali
81 A gateway to European newspaper Christoph Albers Germany
82 A Comprehensive classification system for organization of Islam knowledge Haroon Idrees Germany
83 Banking on Bloomberg: Measuring interest in an online training module Eugene Hayworth United States
84 Adopt a Student! 2.0: Open Access to IFLA - Open a door to IFLA's network! Petra Hauke,
& Shaked Spier
85 The Finnish Library Assistant Working Group Leenakaisa Haapaniemi,
& Jaana Kakkonen
86 Information literacy: Context is all Heike vom Orde Germany
87 Sustainability hides in Libraries Leila Sonkkanen Finland
88 The potential of mobile communication John Ulletved,
& Holmgård Knudsen Larsen
89 Which method? The SSS (satisfaction, sufficiency, and sustainability) of training programmes for reference libraries; Case studies in Japan Mitsuhiro Oda Japan
90 LaTeX Librarianship: Learning the language of scientists Eva Isaksson Finland
91 A big reading room in a small village/town: the results of the Renovation Projects for Public Libraries in Taiwan Hao-Ren Ke,
Chung-Chiao Lu,
Li-Hsiang Lai,
& Hong-Shiu Liang
92 Project "Poetry in Motion": How to promote the reading of poetry in the local community Nadia Buzleta Croatia
93 Realization of service for approaching user first via the establishment of archive of foreign materials about Korean studies Pak Jae Sup South Korea
94 World Book Capital 2013: Bangkok Read for Life Aree Cheunwattana Thailand
95 Books with Web 2 Harri Ketamo,
Jaakko Suominen,
& Antti Koivisto
96 Nordic public library buildings. A typological analysis Elena De Lisio Finland
97 Celebrating 20 years of INASP - our approach, impact and learning Emma Farrow United Kingdom
98 The CTLes: A Unique solution for storing and preserving academy libraries less used collections in France Benardette Patte France
99 Open Access at the University of Debrecen, especially in the area of social sciences Krisztina Filó Hungary
100 "Grand Matin Bonheur" Early in the morning Linda Koo,
& Seen Lin
101 Comellus project - a step towards digital newspaper deposition Matti Hosio Finland
102 Belgrade City Library & American Corner Belgrade: Stories untold Jasmina Ninkov,
Alka Bhantnagar,
& Mirko Markovic
Republic of Serbia
103 Upgrading service niveau in Tampere City Library Marjut Pohjalainen,
& Anu Virtanen
104 Media literacy for young schoolchildren Terhi Turkia,
& Perttu Rasi
105 Towards a joint metadata repository for all Finnish Libraries Terhi Mikkola Finland
106 Subject access in national bibliographies: Who is looking for order and authoritative quality? Yvonne Jahns Germany
107 Libraries make it happen. The cooperation between libraries of different sectors in Jyväskylä, Finland Ulla Pesola,
Juha Hälinen,
& Susanna Niemilaht
108 Redesigning the library space in a sustainable way Katariina Ervasti Finland
109 Information literacy for medical students and health care professionals in Latvia Margarita Zelve Latvia
110 An award of their own: The creation of a Book Award for Arab American Authors, Illustrators and literature Alice Crosetto,
& Mark Horan
United States
111 MediYa: Inventing the African library of tomorrow Charles Kamdem Poeghela (CLAC) Cameroon
112 Lining up the guideposts: Integration media and information literacy frameworks for first year university students Sarah Bordac,
& Carina Cournoyer
United States
113 The Urban Office - Free meeting- and workspace in the public library Erika Karvo Finland
114 The Labrary - Inventions and innovations in the library Terhi Vilkman Finland
115 Getting ready to meet our future users - Swedish library staff collaborate for enhanced skills David Jonsson,
Lisa Börjesson,
& Niclas Siljedahl
116 Old books, new reading Dunja Novakovic,
& Dragan Ristic
Republic of Serbia
117 "Born to read" Dragana Gajic Republic of Serbia
118 Libripoly Kristina Arsenovic Republic of Serbia
119 RINGIDEA network for excellence in Information Literacy - TEMPUS project Angela Repanovici,
Alan Hopkinson,
Manolis Koukpurakis,
Jerald Cavanagh & Padraig Kirby
120 International co-operation between four countries in Barents region in the north Susanna Parikka,
Marjatta Puustinen,
& Maija Koponen
121 Toronto, Addis Ababa academic collaboration - Library Science Program Web Design course J. Hough,
C. Hagstrom,
S. Kendall,
& A. Bisrat
122 Empowering library users with print disabilities: Moving services ahead in Canada Carole Moore,
& Lari Langford
123 Web Scale Discovery Systems - How to assess the best solution Anderson de Santana,
& Sueli Mara Soares Pinto Ferreira
124 Back to the future! Locating 21st Century librarianship via a journey through time and space: The ages of the librarian in graphic novel style Sara Wingate Gray,
& Alice Corble
United Kingdom
125 Open Access to scientific production at University of Campinas: 10 years promoting innovation and democratization of knowledge Luiz Atilio Vicentini,
& Regina Aparecida Blanco Vicentini
126 Gaining the leading edge: a training program for public librarian Jane Cowell,
Deb Stumm,
& Janine Schmidt
127 Implementation of VIKO in intranet 2.0 Liv Gaustad,
& Anne L. Lorange
128 Providing expertise in Bibliometrics: Helsinki University Library as an actor in research evaluation Maria Forsman,
Eva Isaksson,
& Esa Hakala
129 When the lights fall - the library shines Boris Zetterlund Sweden
130 From idea to action - library and user involvement with teenagers and young adults Emilia Kollemorten,
& Dorte Rugtved
131 Lepuski Jam - Sello Library and Teenagers Dancing Street dance Sunniva Drake Finland
132 How to make an inspiring library space for teens? Salla Erho Finland
133 Towards a new library system Sinikka Luokkanen,
Jarmo Saarti,
Tommi Jauhiainen,
& Lassi Lager
134 How information literacy may contribute in an oil company results: THE TRANSPETRO'S INFORMATION LITERACY PROGRAM Marilda Martins Coelho,
Maria Isabel Franca,
& Tatiana Neves Cosmo
135 Library Leadership Train: How to get your principal abroad? Institute of Museum & Library Services Grant - Final evaluation Maureen White United States
136 World class - FUAS Digital Library for online learning Sirkku Blinnikka,
Hanna Lahtinen,
Sinikka Luokkanen,
& Riikka Nieminen
137 Literature taking place Dorthe Larsen,
Christina Andersen,
Martin Campostrini,
& Alla Thomsen Volhøj
138 Helsinki City Library: New concept for our beloved public service Sari Lehikoinen,
& Jari Danielsson
139 Helmet literary travel agency (HelMet Elämysmatkatoimisto) Ville Karinen,
& Maija Karhi
140 And or not? Jouni Jääskeläinen,
Ilpo Jääsleläinen,
& Jarmo Jääskeläinen
141 Kiravo-project - Customized cooperation with local actors Anne Ojanpera Finland
142 NAPLE Sister Libraries Programme Susana Alegre Landaburu Spain
143 Ebooks at libraries - Finnish eReading project trialing new eBook lending models Paula Mikkonen,
& Terhi Manninen
144 Open Access statistics - Approaches and synergies worldwide Bernhard Graf Germany
145 BHL-Europe, an Oasis of Information on Biodiversity and Cultural Heritage Tiina Onttonen,
Sini Kärki,
& Kimmo Koskinen
146 Who is going to catalogue? Eliz Nassali State Uganda
147 With Love and Affection - A Bus for Teens Aila Kaunisvaara,
Johanna Martikainen,
& Minna Huuskonen
148 2nd. National Census of Libraries: Dominican library survey 2009-2011 Yumarys Altagracia Polanco-Almonte,
& Célida Alvarez Armenteros
Dominican Republic
149 How to be a gateway to a cultural diverse society in dialogue? - Multicultural library services of National Taichuang Library Hong Shiu Liang,
& Li-Hsiang Lai
150 Silent disco - an innovative event concept at the TU Berlin University Library Juliane Keil Germany
151 Searching scholarly information and citing sources: e-learning course in information literacy Terje Blasternes Norway
152 Books change lives: Book Aid International Karen Sharkey,
& James Kimani
United Kingdom
153 Monitoring electronic resources and devices with Nagios in ITU Library Zeki Celikbas,
& Sema Celikbas
154 Managing the new normal - limited resources and delivering value for money Adam Snook United Kingdom
155 Empowering rural librarians as change agents in the 21st Century: Development of community-based technology literacy and management outcomes in the Southern and Central Appalachia Bharat Mehra,
Vandana Singh,
Christopher Mitchell,
Susan Simmons,
& Nancy Renfro
United States
156 Librarian's information support to Orthopaedics Surgeons in academic and clinical research process Vera Silva Marão Beraquet,
Renata Ciol,
& Janet Harrison
157 Institutional motivations for research data services in North American Academic Libraries Carol Tenopir,
Robert J. Sandusky,
Suzie Allard,
& Ben Birch
United States
158 LIASA Next Generation Public Librarian Scholarship Project: Revitalizing and inspiring the profession - empowering communities through excellent service delivery! Naomi Haasbroek South Africa
159 If I was told the street library…. Céline Huault,
& Togo Ong Stej
160 Improving health information literacy in 6th grade students together - A multi-institutional collaborative project Carolyn Friel,
Irena Bond,
& Monina Lahoz
United States
161 Enhancing access to the selected World's leading scholarly literature in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities: a representative added value in a science & technology virtual library from a sponsoring research agency Rosaly Favero Krzyzanowski Brazil
162 Library Program via Blackboard: A model of macro-level embedding library into learning management system Xiaoli Shirley Fang United States
163 Traditional knowledge Digital Library of Nigeria: Status, prospects Otuonye Adanma Chinyere Nigeria
164 Turning ideas into Open Access: Young library and Information Science Journals for new perspectives Maria Fentz,
Juliane Rummelt,
Heike Wilhelm,
& Felix Höhne
165 Designing good library space to promote information literacy Klaus W. Werner Germany
166 Publication Services at Bielefeld University Library - a new service for the academic community, a new way of commitment for the library Susanne Riedel Germany
167 Library in computer games: The major discourses Olga Einasto Estonia
168 Empowering future librarians to manage disaster information Jodi L. Philbrick,
Ana D. Cleveland,
& Herman L. Totten
United States
169 Singular Gallery of portraits of the authors of children's literature celebrates its first 6 years Adrian Guerra Pensado Cuba
170 Workshops on Scientific Publishing as a strategy to improve the visibility of scholarly production: The experience of the University of Sao Paulo(USP), Brazil Elisabeth A. Dudziak,
& Sueli M. Soares Pinto Ferreira
171 BNU Nouvelle: The new image of France's second largest library Frédéric Blin France
172 Student recruitment from STEM disciplines: An innovative strategy for diversity recruitment into the LIS Profession Mark A. Puente,
& Bertha Chang
United States
173 The University of Haiti Central Library Reserve Jérémy Lachal France
174 Preparing graduate students to manage research data Rebecca Rezni-Zellen United States
175 Transcending boundaries for cultural understanding between South African and USA academic libraries Lyudmila Ocholla,
& Ewa Barczyk
South Africa

United States
176 Why should you buy a book? Young adult's view of reading Miki F. Muraki Japan
177 PlayIn - mobile interaction in physical and virtual library spaces Charlotte Dale Denmark
178 Automated assignment of subject categories to online documents a further step on the road towards the Digital German National Library Ulrike Junger Germany
179 Beacon for Freedom of Expression: Arabic translation project/Arabic webpages Michelle A. Tisdel Norway
180 UK Research Reserve - A sustainable model from print to E? Daryl Yang United Kingdom
181 Intelligent Material Management System and presentation Mads Gaml,
& Carste Hammershøi
182 Empowering world youth through good health: The school library and integrating health instruction in the diversified curricula Barbara Froloing Immroth ,
& W. Bernard Luckenbill
United States
183 Introducing a diversity plan into the academic library development, implementation, assessment and context Julie Biando Edwards,
& Kate Zoellner
United States
184 Worldwide perceptions of new librarians: learning, working and furthering professional careers Loida Garcia Febo United States
185 Ideas, innovations, anticipating the new Rosemary Gitachu South Africa
186 A Chinese Cataloguing System based on Cloud Computing Naicheng Chang,
& Yuchin Tsai
187 A cure for recession Ana Pavic Republic of Serbia
188 News Know-how: a campaign to engage librarians and journalists to educate high-school students in news literacy Barbara Jones United States
189 Cultural deeds with a hammer Milli Mäntynen Finland
190 Furry ears are listening Jani Keränen Finland
191 Johtti girjerádju / Crossing Library Irene Piippola,
& Tuija Guttorm
192 From inspired librarians toward an empowered National Health System: achievements and perspectives Ania Torres Pombert,
& Miriam Piedra Piz
193 Access to human right information in Namibia Ania Chiku Mnubi-Mchombu,
& Ivone Tjilale
194 Libraries and national development: focus on the socio-economic information network in collaboration with Jamaica's Development Plan-Vision 2030 Rosella McCarthy Spencer Jamaica
195 Increasing public access to key constitutional documents at the National Library of New Zealand Bill Macnaught,
Chris Szekely,
& Winston Roberts
New Zealand
196 New library building inspires and empowers the academic community in low income Uganda Maria G.N. Musoke
& Lydia Namuger


Last update: 13 August 2012