Conference Session 151

More than you think: hospital patient libraries a surprising and integrated partner of treatment and rehabilitation

Library Services to People with Special Needs

14 August 2012 16:00 - 18:00 | Room: Session Room 5

  • Finnish patient libraries - a visual introduction to the theme
    LOTTA MUURINEN (Helsinki City Library, Institutional Libraries, Helsinki, Finland)
  • Helping and learning - The project "MUKOwiki" as an example for a hospital patient's library supported by a non-profit organization
    JULIA GOLTZ and DOREEN THIEDE (Kooperativer Bibliotheksverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (KOBV), Berlin, Germany)
  • I am the book: the Bookwitch's reading Potter. For positive, possible selves in the future, through books and fortune letters
    KARIN GRAUBE and EVA SELIN (BUS-biblioteket, Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • Quotable facts about hospital libraries
    PAMELA AUST and ELKE GREIFENEDER (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany)

Last update: 19 June 2012