Instructions for Accepted Posters

The list of accepted posters will be published on the Singapore congress page on the IFLA website by the end of May 2013. The board numbers, corresponding to numbered boardsat the congress venue, will be allocated in the last week of June and also published on the printed programme. Please respect the board number you are given which will correspond to the list in the programme. The boards are located in the corner of the Exhibition Hall behind IFLA’s stand F117-120.

Material has to be posted to the boards on Sunday 18 August between 13:30 and 15:30 before the Opening Party, which takes place in the Exhibition Hall.

NOTE: A member of IFLA staff will be available in case of questions.

There is no storage room therefore handouts: leaflets or any other material that is not fixed to the board should be brought with you on the Poster Session days.

Example: 95cm x 230cm poster board The available poster boards are 95cm wide and 230cm high: portrait style. Posters have to be fixed onto the boards by means of double-sided Velcro tape, which will be provided on site.

There are two sessions for poster presentations, each two hours long: 12:00 to 14:00 on Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 August 2013. During these times there will be many delegates walking around the Hall and you are therefore required to be present to discuss your poster with any delegates that are interested to know more.

NOTE: As there is no storage room, be prepared to take any handouts with you at the end of the presentation so that you have them for the next day. Materials found on the floor will be considered litter by the cleaning company!

The posters can remain on display until Wednesday 21 August and ideally should be removed between 14:00 and 15:00 on that day, at the latest.

Preparing your Poster

Posters are a combination of content and appearance. The content must be interesting, professional, and appealing to a broad audience. The appearance of the posters should be attractive, with a combination of graphics, photographs, and text. The presenters of posters often make available to delegates handouts: leaflets containing more information, printed pamphlets, or other types of material for distribution, which might explain or promote the contents of the poster. It is important to bring reasonable quantities of these handouts, and note that free copying facilities are not provided by the congress.

Poster sessions will be monitored by the Professional Committee’s jury to check on the efficiency and utility of the model for presenting information to the library community during the Congress. They will also select a winner of the "Best IFLA Poster 2013" which will be awarded during the Closing Session on Thursday 22 August 2013.

Herewith, I encourage you to register now for the Singapore congress, if you have not yet done so.

As previously announced, you are fully responsible for the costs of attending the Congress.

I wish you all success with presenting a nice and interesting poster.

Lidia Putziger
IFLA Administrative Officer

Last update: 3 May 2013