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Conference Session 103

Future libraries going green

Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group

Congress track 5: Ideas, innovations, anticipating the new.

19 August 2013 10:00 - 11:30 | Off-site


This Off-site (minutes walk from the Conference Center) Workshop is open to all IFLA participants who wish to play an active role (even if only for the duration of the Workshop) volunteering in the Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group.

The keynote item on the programme will be the presentation of the book "The Green Library - Die Grüne Bibliothek" (and more specially, how it came into being) edited by Dr Klaus Werner, Dr Petra Hauke and Karen Latimer. The "Checklist for Greening Libraries", a useful tool which is in the book, will also be presented and discussed.

The format intends to be flexible and interactive, with opportunities for micro-presentations and eventually several open small groups set up to work in parallel on different topics and then sharing conclusions. Volunteers are free to drop in and participate at any moment during the workshop as long (or as briefly) as they wish.

One of the possible focal points for further discussion will be: "Different Latitudes, Different Shades of Green?". As shown in the book "Die Grüne Bibliothek" and as will be seen at this afternoon's ENSULIB Open Session (16:00 - 18:00, session 115B, at the same location, circumstances vary in different parts of the world. Different regional needs in terms of any Environmental Sustainability guidelines for libraries eventually to be developed can be pinpointed and examined as part of this workshop.

Central Public Library
Basement 1, Multipurpose Room
100 Victoria Street, Singapore

Signing up in advance is kindly requested by E-mail to: with copy to and

However, if you can't sign up for any reason (no access to your e-mail, no time, too late, etc., ), but still wish to attend, you are welcome anyway!

Last update: 1 August 2013